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Agadir Hotel, July 2006

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When is a restaurant more than a restaurant? I never would have thought writing a review would take me down memory lane. My affinity for Agadir Burger stretches back to 2006 when my family in Israel met up with me at the Agadir Hotel on my free night in Tel... more

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Fat Pasha, Toronto

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Fat Pasha Toronto

Fat Pasha has maintained a persistent level of buzz in the Toronto restaurant/food scene since opening in April 2014. Drake Hotel’s former executive chef Anthony Rose’s newest eatery has brought Middle-Eastern chic to the city. Fat Pasha’s menu is a tip of the hat to Mr. Rose’s Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish... more

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Meet Mitbachi Owner and Entrepreneur Tamar Fradkin

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cooking workshops in tel aviv

At Eat.Drink.TelAviv we are excited when we have a chance to share with you some interesting personalities in the food industry here in Tel Aviv be them chefs, tour guides, cafe owners, food stylists, workshop providers, and photographers. Eat.Drink.TelAviv’s Meet.Talk.TelAviv would like you to welcome Tamar Fradkin, entrepreneur and owner of the open kitchen workspace Mitbachi... more

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Bakerbots, Toronto

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bakerbots toronto ice cream sandwiches baker bots bakery

Bakerbots is happiness.  It is actually quite simple.  If you want some of the best homemade ice cream sandwiches in Toronto, Bakerbots is your destination of choice. Immediately upon walking in you are hit smack dab in the face with the deliciously sweet but oh-so-good smell of fresh baked goods, coupled... more

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Tampered Press, Toronto

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toronto tampered glass grill cheese epic

Tampered Press is a small independent coffee shop in the hip Ossington/Dundas part of Toronto. My friend Shelley suggested we meet there to get some work done.  She lives in the area and absolutely loves everything that part of the city has to offer – the character, the bakeries, restaurants and... more

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