Christopher’s, Jaffa-Tel Aviv Closed

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jaffa cafe closed

EatDrinkTelAviv is reporting that Christopher’s in Jaffa has closed. Once run by Christopher and his chef boyfriend Amos Hayon, winner of an episode of Sweet Genius, this cafe was a lovely way to enjoy some fresh baked pastries and one of the best French toasts in the city.

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Christopher’s, Beit Eshel 13, Tel Aviv

Along the seemingly labyrinthine streets of Jaffa-Tel Aviv is a small not-so hidden gem of a cafe called Christopher’s.  Perched near the corner of Beit Eshel and Yehudi mi-Ragusa Street the quirky little cafe is a sweet blend of old Jaffa aesthetics with modern creative dishes served.


The cafe’s is run by Amos Hayon, who upon returning from working in the United States as a pastry chef, wanted something small and intimate to call his own with his husband Christopher – for which the cafe is named after and does a superb job as host.

The food is standard cafe offerings of delicious cakes, muffins and cookies, along with full breakfast and lunch. On the few occasions I have visited the Croque Madam appeared in different variations, one with pink-beet-tinted standard slices, and the second time with more of an airy long focaccia. The savoury egg go well with the accompanying blue-cheese adorned side salad.


Stand outs include the practically divine French Toast in orange and vanilla royal – a term most fitting, as this rich, sweet and incredibly well made dish is likely the best french toast in Tel Aviv.  After one bite from this piece of breakfast/brunch perfection it should come as no surprise as Amos Hayon is a winner of a Sweet Genius season 1, episode 3 called “Hidden Genius.”

best french toast in Tel Aviv

For lunch consider the Veggie-Burger, which comprised of a variety of vegetables but a deep beet hue and flavour, was rich with a genuine burger taste. The Veggie-Burger is a delightful surprise and accompanying potato slices are a welcome variation from standard fries. The recipe was shared in a Times of Israel article HERE.

Veggie Burger Tel Aviv

This veggie burger will surprise you in a good way – rich and flavourful! Tel Aviv knows vegetarian food.

Christopher himself is usually found chatting up patrons and ensuring you have enjoyed your meal.  The host, whose namesake adorns the awning above the cafe, approaches my table with a dessert menu. He suggests the small chocolate chip cookie, freshly made that morning. I politely decline and point out I had both the focaccia croque madam AND  the french toast for breakfast (the things I do for this website). I could not possibly indulge in another bite.


A few minutes later, Christopher approaches with the bill and a smile, and places a chocolate chip cookie on the table. “They really are some of the best chocolate chip cookies, you should just at least have one,” he offers the dessert on the house, beaming with pride as he hands one of his husbands simply wonderful baked creations.

Christopher’s cafe in Jaffa-Tel Aviv is a like having brunch on your neighbour’s veranda: sunny, airy, comfortable and friendly. There are less than ten tables in the cafe’s main floor with a couple of spots upstairs offering some privacy.   The food is beautiful in its simplicity. Fresh dishes are decided on market ingredients and the baked goods offered vary each time, depending on the mood and moment of the Sweet Genius winner. Each dish seems carefully crafted and made with thought and precision. In keeping with his television appearance the food prepared by Hayon is well plated and most importantly extremely delicious.

From the pink toast and muffins, to the friendly staff, Christopher’s in Tel-Aviv Yafo is a quaint, fun and whimsical place to start your day in Jaffa. Come check out what’s on the menu from the hidden genius.

Christophers Cafe Tel Aviv-

Dishes at Christopher’s Cafe, Tel Aviv

Christopher’s Restaurant Rating

christopher cafe tel aviv


Christopher’s Cafe Tel Aviv Restaurant


Amos’ sweet tooth likes to colour his world pink.



A dessert plate courtesy of Christopher.


Veggie Burger in Tel Aviv, with delicious potatoes!


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