Coffee Shops of Ben Gurion Blvd, Tel Aviv

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Coffee Culture of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a lot to offer for a relatively small cosmopolitan city.  One of the particular interesting aspects of the city are the small boulevard cafés and eateries of Ben Gurion and Rothchild that offer a wide variety of coffee-to-go and wonderful edible options. Ben Gurion Boulevard’s pedestrian walkway is a boon for coffee lovers; the small boulevard cafés give residents and tourists a chance to coalesce, relax to the aroma of java, fresh cookies and sandwiches, and enjoy the Tel Aviv weather.

For all your visiting java junkies, here is an inside look of Ben Gurion’s coffee spots. EatDrinkTelAviv took a look at what kind of coffee, food and seating was available.  We breakdown the prices, atmosphere and other extras that might make your stop more enjoyable.

Take part of a real Israeli coffee tradition and find your favourite along the boulevard.

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Baralé – Ben Yehuda & Ben Gurion

This tiny café, only big enough to fit one barista, is consistently busy as it is situated at a high density intersection.


  1. Coffee: DaDA brand – Americano was not bitter, and seemed to be consistently drawn (or pulled correctly.) Café Hafuch (latte) had excellent froth.
  2. Food Options: Ice coffee, hot coffee, two types of small cookies, cinnamon rolls and a chocolate yeast cake/muffin, and medium sized sandwiches.
  3. Prices: Americano 10NIS for a small/13NIS for a large, Hafuch 10/13NIS, Sandwich 15NIS, cake 15NIS, cookies 4NIS, ice coffee 6NIS for a pixie, 15NIS for regular.
  4. Extras: Soy +3NIS for Hafuch or Cappuccinos (not for Americanos on the side cold).
  5. Wifi: Own Baralé network
  6. Seating: 6 tables (24 seats), 1 bench close by.
  7. Friendly Service:  3.5/5
  8. Atmosphere: Can get busy and loud because of closeness to street. But there is plenty of space to sit away from Ben Yehuda.


The chocolate cookie were a real delight but their “alfajores” looking cookies is actually filled with date spread not dulche du leche. A real bonus is its relative close proximity to the beach.


Le Ca Phe – Dizengoff & Ben Gurion

This Tel AviVietnamese café is a relative new comer to the Ben Gurion coffee scene opening up at the beginning of 2014.   It combines classic café offerings with Vietnamese style meals and has become quite popular in its short time.

chocolate babka tel aviv

  1. Coffee: Costadora Italian brand – Americano was a bit bitter with a slight acidic aftertaste.
  2. Food Options: Hot coffee, tea, half/full sandwiches, yeast cake, muffins, babka, cookies, Vietnamese spring rolls, soups, Balo.
  3. Prices: Americano 12NIS, Hafuch 10/13NIS, cookie 12NIS, brownie 14NIS, Fudge 8NIS, Sandwich 16-36NIS, muffin 13NIS, Babka 14NIS, yeast cake 15NIS
  4. Extras: Soy +3 (see above).  Charging station for phones, Free dog treats!
  5. Wifi: Tel Aviv City Network
  6. Seating: Plenty of café owned seating 2-4 per table. Plus 5 tables (20 seats), 2 close benches.
  7. Friendly Service: 3.5/5 – servers will deliver your food, although in the café they do seem busy. This is because everything but the baked goods are prepped on site.
  8. Atmosphere: Busy being so close to Dizengoff, a lot of strollers around and there can be plenty of dogs, which can be distracting.

best cafes in tel aviv

This has become fairly popular and has a lot to offer. We found the baked good to lack balance.  The babka wasn’t chocolatey enough and felt floury, and the carrot-poppy seed muffin was too sweet on top and not sweet enough inside (plus we actually ordered orange-poppy seed), the chocolate yeast cake however satisfied us. On the plus – the halva muffin was heavenly and the Balkan sandwich was the perfect level of savory (with cheese and olives) and the bread was crispy and delicious. Both highly recommended.

vietnamese food tel aviv

Cafecito – Adam HaCohen & Ben Gurion

Good variety and prices on the sandwiches for the cost conscious. Overall this café did not have much traffic, likely serving the local denizens. If you want a less touristy spot, Cafecito fits the bill.

ben gurion coffee shops

  1. Coffee: Segafredo Brand – Americano was smooth, slightly acidic, slight roasted aftertaste. Great consistent beans/espresso.
  2. Food Options: Hot Coffee, orange juice, small cookies, muffins, small/half/full sandwiches.
  3. Prices: Americano 9NIS, Hafuch (latte) 11NIS, Small Sandwich 9NIS, Half Sandwich 16/18, Full Sandwich 30/32, Cookies 3NIS
  4. Extras: Soy +3NIS
  5. Wifi: Cafecito Network
  6. Seating: Some café seating with counter space, with 6 extra tall chairs, 5 tables (20 seats) and 1 bench close by.
  7. Friendly Service: 3/5 – At the time there was a line forming and one of the two baristas was on break.  The one working didn’t smile much, likely stressed induced.
  8. Atmosphere: Quiet and relaxing.  Not at a busy intersection with plenty of space.

ben gurion coffee

Service was a bit slow with one person dealing with customers, but the barista ran to catch up with us when we forgot something at the counter, which is very considerate.


Rega Café – Ben Gurion & Shlomo HaMelech

This café is relatively close to Rabin Square if you are there for an event, yet far enough from it to relax yourself. You’ll be very surprised by the amount of food offered at this café, and the staff would joke around with the customers.  They were busy but very helpful and friendly.

coffee shop tel aviv

  1. Coffee: Saquella Brand – Americano was smooth, roasted flavor, best tasting of the four.
  2. Food Options: Hot Coffee, tea, large alfajores, chocolate balls, small cookies, muffins, foccachia, croissant, brownies, toast, full menu of food.
  3. Prices: Americano 8/10NIS, Hafuch 11/13, cookies 3NIS, chocolate ball 6NIS, Alfajores 10NIS, Roastbeef PhillySteak Sandwich 35NIS, Tuna Sandwich 28NIS
  4. Extras: Soy +3NIS
  5. Wifi: ?
  6. Seating: Six counter seating, 4 tables (16 seats), 2 benches
  7. Friendly Service: 5/5, plenty of people working there to deal with the customers, and easy to talk to.
  8. Atmosphere: Very relaxing, even the customers seemed easy to talk to, while sharing a table.

cafe ben gurion tel aviv

The sandwiches were big and will fill you up, and the cookies are great, the alfajores is the real-deal. For tourists who enjoy Starbuck’s quality service would likely enjoy this place (hold your thoughts about their coffee, Starbuck’s is about the service.)


Your Caffeine Fix on Ben Gurion

Getting a true feeling of Israel is indulging in the small everyday moments that Israelis relish, like coffee with friends. Take a stroll along Ben Gurion, in Tel Aviv and delight in a more authentic Israel experience.

1. Rega Café – for the full menu, fun baristas and quiet atmosphere

2. Le Ca Phe – for the hip new stop, cute café look with lots and lots of food choices.

3. Barale – for being by the beach, but also because Ben Yehuda Street’s wonderful near-by restaurants.

4. Cafecito – for the quiet neighbourhood spot feel.

cafes tel aviv

Halva Muffin at Le Ca Phe. Enjoy!

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