Little Italy, Tel Aviv

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little italy sarona germany colony

The Sarona Colony

Head east on Eliezer Kaplan Street towards the Azrieli Center, and you will notice an unusual but peaceful respite in the city. Across the street from the tall business towers, and the stark industrial military complex, the upcoming Ayalon thorough-way, and HaShalom Train Station, sits the newly rejuvenated and restored Germany Templar colony of Sarona.

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sarona tel aviv

Dubbed as a Historical urban experience by the developers, the new Sarona Colony will mesh a fantastic mix of luxurious restaurants and wine bars both familiar and new, amongst high-end boutique shops.  The hope is that the Sarona Colony will offer an urban oasis, with flowered and tree-lined walkways full of good food, live music, theatre, street fairs, and outdoor galleries.

Little Italy

The central portion of the renewed area are two restored Templar buildings housing four restaurants that comprise of the Sarona Little Italy in Tel Aviv.

little italy restaurants tel aviv

The four Tel Aviv restaurants in Little Italy are Trattoria classic Italian restaurant, Vinera wine bar, Carne Birra Italian steak & beer house, and Picnic Italian market.

The Trattoria and Vinera are two sides of the same coin, concept restaurants that will occupy the same space.  The Vinera has yet to be fully opened, but it is expected to go live very soon. (June 2014)

little italy tel aviv

Picnic, Little Italy

Picnic is a unique concept for a Market-Cafe.  They offer several easy to eat items like sandwiches and pizza to buy and then a fully equipped picnic basket filled with wine glasses, plates and a blanket.  It’s a great easy-to-execute dating idea for couples of all ages.

picnic little italy

little italy sarona picnic

picnic sarona tel aviv

Carne Birra, Little Italy

Carne Birra is a specialized restaurant that has long slim wooden tables where friends can occupy and dine close together. The close proximity set up is ideal while for groups to clink glasses and celebrate, offering unlimited opportunities for L’chaims, Sey-Gesuhund and Saluts and other alcoholic induced congratulatory cheers!

carne birra sarona tel aviv

Little Italy, Sarona, Tel Aviv

Currently (as of May 2014) these two buildings housing four restaurants in Sarona are the only destinations fully operational. They are busily restoring the remaining heritage buildings that will include other restaurants like the familiar Rustico, as well as include specialty shops like Adidas’ flagship store in Tel Aviv, G-Star, Tommy Hilfiger, iDigital as well as a couple of art galleries.

It is definitely a welcomed creative endeavour set forth for Sarona – bringing an authentic Italian atmosphere into the heart of Tel Aviv. During the day go for a picnic with friends or a special date, and at night, indulge in the aroma and tastes of Italian wines and cuisine. Sarona will hopefully invoke a serene feeling of Italy, and also embrace the historical setting of the 140 year old Templar colony. Salut!

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