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Cherry Pepper Guacamole

blarg-pinterestsignLiving in Tel Aviv and being able to visit the fresh and lively Carmel Market (Shook HaCarmel) whenever I choose has its benefits. You are always aware of what is in season and what isn’t depending on what you see for sale. Avocados are showing their plump green faces on market tables and it is the perfect time to share an ingenious way to prepare and present guacamole.

Any guacamole is fairly simple to make, take all the ingredients, and mix them together.  This recipe is based on the Food Network’s Alton Brown’s recipe (for reference) with some wonderful and spicy modifications.

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The Guacamole

Blarg: There is only a brief moment in an avocado’s life span where it is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. The life cycle of an avocado is basically: Not yet–> not yet –> not yet –> NOW! –> too late.

Professor NomNom: The Carmel Market is filled with wonderful surprises and we found some deliciously spicy cherry bomb peppers at the olive merchant.  Food and cooking is really about letting your creative spark fly.

best guacamole

Gary: Ch%@3* $&^bh&A!

Professor NomNom: Gary realized that when we were scooping out the avocado flesh out of its shell  it was perfectly intact to be a bowl.

Blarg: Since it’s Passover, we thought guacamole is the perfect dipping food for matzah.  We know there are some guacamole purists out there, but we believe you can spice up the green dip a little here and there.

spicy guacamole


Captain Blarg: 1) Scoop out the flesh of the avocado carefully, keeping the shell intact.

2) Chop what needs to be chopped, dice what needs to be diced – the onions, tomatoes,                          coriander, garlic, the olives, the cherry peppers.

3) Add the spices and salt to everything  and mix together thoroughly in a bowl.  Add the lime juice (or lemon) to taste. With a spoon place the guacamole in the shell.

4) Garnish as you like, and serve.  Each avocado can fill about one half shell topped up                            nicely.

Professor NomNom: You should keep the pit/seed of the avocado.  It’s good to have handy in case of left overs. If you place it in the leftovers, it keeps it from going brown.

Gary: T@#$t2! bd^#1!

best guacamole

Professor NomNom: The onion is there for crunch and texture, and the tomatoes are there for a bit of colour, sweetness and flavour. Alternatively you can always add some red pepper instead of tomatoes and you can always heat the spices up in a pan with a touch of oil to release more flavour, including roasting the garlic, or sautéing the onions.

Blarg: We took something we all enjoyed and just added a bit of creativity and complexity to the dish. Adding the olives gives it a nice savoury punch, and the cherry peppers give it that wicked spicy kick! Give this recipe a try or come up with something you’d like to include!

But most of all enjoy!


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