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Agadir, Tel Aviv

Agadir Burger Bar אגאדיר.  Well known for their flavorful burgers their draw is the incredible array of toppings you can add on including bacon, cheeses, mushrooms, egg, and onions. This non-kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv is a hip and casual spot to kick back and relax with hamburgers, beer and buds. It’s ubiquity and popularity around Israel (with 10 locations) assures tourists that the company and the food are quality, and can withstand the demanding Israel customer and ever changing food/restaurant landscape.

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agadir-burger3fxWith three distinct locations in Tel Aviv – Agadir is where you want to be: By the Carmel Market (2 Nachla’at Binyamin), their Agadir Embassy close enough to the beach (120 Ben Yehuda St.), and the Agadir Hotel at the beautiful Namal Tel Aviv Port.

Tourists might be inclined to avoid chain restaurants altogether while traveling, but don’t let your elite-foodie attitude stop you from enjoying this distinctly Israeli hamburger spot. While one-off spots like Vitrina, Gourmet 23 and the Delicious Deli Bar offer great gourmet burgers, Agadir is a safe bet for grabbing a perfectly delicious hamburger in fully stocked bar with a middle-Eastern inspired decor. A touch of Agadir, Morocco in every locale.

Agadir has nothing in common with say a fast-food restaurant behemoth like McDonalds, having more in-common with the higher quality American spots like The Counter burger restaurant (or even 5 Guys). And like The Counter, with their multitude of toppings, your hamburger at Agadir can add up in price.

agadir tel aviv

Agadir is highly recommend for their incredibly tasty burgers, and friendly service (by Israeli standards). The restaurant is constantly adding new items and the company is always evolving. They offer their own brand of twice-filtered purified water called Living water.

Currently Agadir is featuring a Japanese Wagyu burger and they recently opened up a specialty shop with a simpler menu called Burger 110.


Dishes at Agadir

  • Junior 160g/Maxi 220g/Agadir Burger 330g 44/49/59NIS
  • French Fries regular/large 14/21NIS
  • Classic Onion Soup w croutons 29NIS
  • Business Lunch Burger, fries and starter 61/69/77NIS

Agadir Burger Bar Rating

agadir burger tel aviv


Best Hamburger Tel Aviv

agadir burger bar

best burger in tel aviv

Where there is Food, there is Family.

Perhaps I could try to explain my affinity towards Agadir burger. It ties back to a simple dinner with family. It was in July 2006 I met up with my family at Agadir Hotel a few days before my cousin Thom’s birthday on July 18th. I was leading my first Taglit-Birthright Israel trip and on my one free night in Tel Aviv.  The night was a simple gathering that stuck in my memory since.

It was because it was the last time I saw him alive. A week later, during the insurgence from Lebanon, his Apache helicopter was lost while returning from a mission.

This July, while Canada and the US celebrate their independence I remember family that gave their life to Israel’s freedom. I know this may seem like an unlikely place to share this but with food comes family.

Every moment together around a table is a shared memory in time. With love, L’chaim. 

[For the full story click here]

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