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Benz, Yedidah Frenkel 4, Tel Aviv

Ben’z – בנ’ז. This small Argentinian diner in the heart of the Florentin district is a lovely combination of a classic 1970’s and 80’s wood panel cottage and a feel-good burger joint. Ben’z, along with freshly made specialty burgers and ribs, offers small little details from the nostalgic glass bottles of Fanta and Pepsi, with the accompanying metal bucket of discarded bottle caps, and a variety of decorative “kitch” on the wood walls. Benz Argentinian Diner wants you to come in and lose yourself in the atmosphere that will remind you of home, no matter where you are from. The owners and staff are warm, friendly, and full of South American hospitality.

benz tel aviv

There is little flash when it comes to Ben’z. What you see is what you get. The exposed prep kitchen, with an industrial meat grinder sits close to the large grill. All is at the ready to cook up your order fresh, the intimate space quickly fills up with the scent of fresh patties, ribs and even chicken burgers. Benz, Tel Aviv offers freshly spiced fries and a selection of sauces to accompany your burger, including a garlic aioli, barbeque, and chimichurri. They also have salad, although I’m sure they don’t know why either. Their focus is on beef.

benz tel aviv

Initially the menu was fairly simple, but since Amit, the youngest of the Ben’z brothers took over as chef, new items have found their way onto the menu, and new toppings found their way onto the burgers.

While there are many burger spots in Tel Aviv to choose from, consider adding Ben’z (Benz?) to the mix. It’s not trying to be anything but a good ol’ fashion burger joint. It doesn’t have the fancy tile back-splashes like Wolfnights (nor the attitude), or the glitzy topping heavy menu like Agadir. But that is exactly the point. Benz is somewhere between Pundak Deluxe and Vitrina with an Argentinian twist. And if there is something that everyone should know about Argentina is they know what needs to be known when it comes to raising and prepping beef.

benz tel aviv

If you need another excuse to escape into the eclectic vicinity that is Florentin – consider Benz your burger destination of choice.

benz tel aviv

Dishes at Benz

  • Chicken Burger
  • Hamburger
  • Salad w Chicken

Benz Restaurant Rating

tel aviv restaurant rating3.4/5

Benz Burgers

benz tel aviv

benz argentinian diner

ben'z tel aviv

Argentinian Diner and Grill

The little metal tray, the oblong wood sauce dish will bring you back to the days of a school cafeteria. There is youthful joy when you come to Benz in southern Tel Aviv. Pop open a soda, toss the cap in a bucket, relax and enjoy some time with friends. This Tel Aviv restaurant is a simple delight.

benz burger tel aviv

benz tel aviv

benz burgers

benz diner tel aviv

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