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Brasserie, 70 Ibn Gabriol, Tel Aviv

If one could describe Brasserie restaurant in Tel Aviv simply it would be the crown jewel of Tel Aviv restaurants. Since it opened in 2002, it has become a genuine landmark restaurant for diners around the country, and often referred to as a template of success for other fledgling and aspiring restaurants. This gem of a restaurant earns the aforementioned title not only because of their simple yet authentic French cuisine, exceptional service, and relaxing atmosphere – but because everyone and their mother loves Brasserie, and will earnestly recommend it. Brasserie’s Website brasserie tel aviv tartar Brasserie’s Art Deco interior – large mirrors on the wall to expand the space, high ceiling, rich black wood with glass dividing the room, hardwood floors, white linen tables, and top-notch service – exudes luxury and elegance but the R2M hospitality group, owners of the restaurant, not only deliver high quality service and food, they make it 100% accessible to everyone.  Families brunch on the weekend, young couples on dinner dates, even grandmothers enjoying granola for breakfast (Salade des Fruits, Yaourt et miel). The restaurant is centrally located across the street from Kikar Rabin (Rabin Square), open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 120 seat Tel Aviv restaurant seems bigger than it actually is, perhaps because of the large covered patio outside, or more so because at all hours of the day it is busy. So busy it is strongly recommended that you make reservations at least a few days to one week ahead. (Something perhaps so gauche by last-minute plan makers aka Tel Avivians) That way you can ensure a proper seating at a proper meal time.  (Although there is something to be said at having lunch/dinner/breakfast at 4am.) brasserie in tel aviv

Brasserie and R2M Group

R2M Hospitality Group have exceptional food and attentive service at Delicatessen, Cafe 12, Coffee Bar and Hotel Montefiore.

Brasserie, Tel Aviv, 24/7

Brasserie, Tel Aviv has a simple yet full menu of classic French dishes including Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Stew in Burgundy wine), Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée (French Onion Soup), Steak Tartare (raw ground beef), Moules au Citron (Mussels w Citrus), and Coq au Vin (Chicken stew in wine) to name a few. The menu is rounded out by a few Salads options, a few Pasta dishes, a plethora of other French inspired Entrees (appetizers) and Plats Principaux (main dishes) including the oft-mistaken for French but actually Swiss – Cordon Bleu (Veal Schnitzel with ham and cheese). They say you learn something new every day! brasserie-crabravioli2fx We dined at Brasserie for a birthday celebration, four of us, seated inside in the middle of the restaurant. Soft music – a mixture of light French and easy-listening crooners – think Michael Buble-esque or Frank Sinatra. Maybe Francois Sintareaux. Despite the lively energy emanating from the full restaurant – servers in their white-whites gliding briskly across the room, the businessmen beside us chatting away over chilled Champagne, a table full of young friends laughing –  we are so relaxed. A noted peacefulness surrounded us as we settled into place. And yes, we are very excited to finally be at Brasserie. Appetizers ranged from land to sea. The Crab Ravioli was noted to be delicate and flavourful with a warm delicious butter sauce. The Albacore Ceviche was fresh and light, but the Steak Tartar was such a treat combining a fresh taste with a lovely texture. brasserie-burger1fx Brasserie is known for their high quality food – and the main dishes delivered for the most part.  The Hamburger (69NIS) at Brasserie, Tel Aviv has a reputation for one of the “best burger in town.” The Beef Filet was ordered medium but arrived more towards the rare/medium-rare end, but a choice cut of meat – tender and juicy. The Seafood Gnocchi special (82NIS), while obviously expensive for gnocci, was a knockout, tastefully combining the savoury shell fish with the delicate and soft potato “pasta.” The Cordon Bleu (79NIS) was a fantastically fried dish – crispy, crunchy, salty and hearty (or heart-attacky), everything meat, cheese, fat and salt are meant to do is accomplished. However… cordon bleu steak brasserie Brasserie’s Cordon is presented nicely, but a smaller portion in comparison to say Tel Aviv Restaurant Bayern’s Pork/Chicken Schnitzel with ham and gouda cheese (68NIS). If you are a fan of multiple-meats-with-cheese dishes this will satisfy your tastebuds, but I would definitely recommend something more authentically French (the Coq Au Vin for example.) brasserie menu For dessert we had the Creme Brulee, and the Saint Honore w vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce the latter of which was highly recommended by the server as a favourite, but we all found it a bit disappointing.  The Mille Feuille was much more satisfying – crunchy, sweet with a light cream. There is plenty to choose from at Brasserie Restaurant Tel Aviv, which makes coming back at any time an easy choice.  Whether it’s for a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a special date, or a late night indulgence Brasserie has you covered. brasserie-storesign1fx

Dishes at Brasserie

  • Mint Julep 42NIS
  • Sherry Berry Sweet Watermelon 42NIS
  • Gimlet 42NIS
  • Beef Tartar 54NIS
  • Crab Ravioli 54NIS
  • Albacore Ceviche 52NIS
  • Cordon Bleu 79NIS
  • Beef Filet w Marrow 128NIS
  • Seafood Gnocchi 82NIS
  • Creme Brulee 38NIS
  • Mille Feuille 38NIS
  • Saint Honore w ice cream 42NIS

Brasserie Restaurant Rating

 brasserie review4.5/5

Brasserie Restaurant Tel Aviv

brasserie-beeftartar3fx seafood brasserie tel aviv dessert brasserie tel aviv

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