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Cafe Italia, Kremenetsky Street 6, Tel Aviv

Cafe Italia – קפה איטליה. Much like the people themselves, Italian restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. From the intimate Piccola Pasta, the fast and furious Pasta Basta, the romantic Marco’s, the upscale Pronto, the popular Olivery, and the many more that pepper (or more apt peperoncini) the White City with their tomato based, carb-heavy, creamy, and cheesey hearty creations. Cafe Italia is a spacious eatery on the outskirts of town that serves intimacy on a plate.

cafe italia tel aviv

Cafe Italia is an ideal Italian bistro-cafe for family gatherings, surprise parties, anniversary- and birthday-celebrations, and large visiting familes in for bigger “simchas” (happy occasions like a wedding or bar mitzvah). Cafe Italia the Tel Aviv restaurant is located just south of the HaShalom Interchange, across the Ayalon Highway, which means this location is out of the way for visitors to central Tel Aviv, and more suitable for specific reasons to visit. When you do, the lovely inviting restaurant’s menu is filled with simple yet authentic Italian cuisine, impeccable and attentive service, and a comfortable atmosphere for all diners. The decor is elegant, with rich brown and chocolate colored wood, luxurious white marble, and rustic touches that bring about the spirit of Italy and the freshness of the food.

cafe italia tel aviv restaurant

Their menu is a straighforward approach to dining – an easy to read one pager outlining their anti-pasti (appetizers), secondi and pasta dishes. They offer imported Italian dry pasta, and fresh Israeli pasta, and always have one gluten-free option available. While it is nice that Cafe Italia offers authentic Italian pasta, any diner would choose fresh pasta over dry, unless you are on a hardcore mission to stay true to your apparent Italian roots. Anti-pasta dishes like the Eggplant Mozzarella is covered in a rich, full-flavored tomato sauce, while main courses like the Lasagna Bolognese is layered with a healthy dose of soft and delicious cheese. To paraphrase their website they combine simplicity, color, and scent in the very classic Rogattoni Roze with Chicken – a dish well balanced between sauce and pasta, cheese and chicken. The dishes were divine, and only when one came to the table luke warm, the service was quick to return with an appropriately heated replacement.

tel aviv restaurant review

Italian restaurants live and die on offering a perfect Tiramisu, and Cafe Italia delivers a light dessert with a lot of creme with an excellent espresso base. The Italian Espresso is the perfect piece to end the meal.

cafe italia italian restaurant tel aviv

This Tel Aviv restaurant is far off from the center of activity and options available in the city, but for large groups, and auspicious occasions, Cafe Italia is an authentic take on Italian cuisine, with impeccable attention to service, and quality ingredients. Your experience will leave you relaxed, full, and ready for a nap back at your hotel in Tel Aviv.

cafe italia tel aviv


Dishes at Cafe Italia

  • Business Lunch
  • - Insalata Mista (38NIS)
  • - Eggplant Mozzerella
  • - Lasagna Bolognese +12NIS (66)
  • - Rogattoni Roze w Chicken (58NIS)
  • Tiramisu 44NIS
  • Espresso 9NIS

Cafe Italia Restaurant Rating

cafe italia restaurant review3.75/5

Italian Food In and Around Tel Aviv


cafe italia restaurant review

cafe italia review


Cafe Italia Restaurant Review

cafe italia tel aviv restaurant

cafe italia tel aviv review

cafe italia review

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