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Campanello, Ben Yehuda 230, Tel Aviv

It’s funny how even the slightest mention of a rumour would prompt me to visit a place.  A friend casually said “You should try Campanello I heard it was voted one of the best breakfasts in Tel Aviv.” And off I went. Didn’t even think twice.  The Tel Aviv cafe is located at the corner of Ben Yehuda and Nordeau, and from what I’m told have held different names and owners over the years.  The atmosphere, like the staff is laid back and relaxed. Campanello offers a breadth of seating, even an incredibly inviting counter space in the back for those interested in working away on a laptop.

best breakfast tel aviv

The breakfast menu has The Delictesene Breakfast for 58NIS (or for two people 99NIS) offering salami, copa (prosciutto), mortadella, mozzeralla, ricotta, Gouda, smoked salmon or tuna, and your choice of two eggs and a fresh vegetable salad.  The Basic Breakfast for 38NIS, which has eggs, salad, ricotta and Gouda cheese.  There are a selection of cheese and meat sandwiches that range from 19NIS-23NIS for a half and 34-46 for a full.

best breakfast tel aviv

The Delictesene Breakfast seems the most Italian, and I could only imagine it was what helped it win the best. “One of the best breakfasts in Tel Aviv” isn’t heard too often (It is actually.  Because everything in Israel is the best. Just ask anyone who has an opinion.  Which is everyone.)  The breakfast consists of three cheeses, three sliced meats, some salmon, two eggs, a side salad and focaccia with some butter.  It might sound fairly standard, but the mozarella, ricotta and Gouda were fresh, the prosciutto, salami and turkey deliciously sliced, and the eggs were prepared absolutely perfect. Flipped over easy, with a runny yolk and just a touch of salt to tickle the tastebuds.

apple tart tel aviv

The Tart Tatin was a satisfying ending with some Hot Cider to wash it down.  I realize that this dessert was roughly the same price as Suzanna’s apple tart with vanilla ice cream (36NIS), but I found this tart tatin to have a much nicer crust, and the apples were not over done, retaining a bit of crispness to them. This allowed the ice cream to melt slowly and not drown out into a sloppy mess. (I witnessed this slow melt, as I take a million photos.)


While I can’t say for certain it was the best breakfast in Tel Aviv, Campanello’s definitely offered something I had not experienced in a while. Peace and quiet for breakfast.  With the Delictesene breakfast plate Campanello Tel Aviv give you the chance to put together different combinations of cheese and meats on a fresh focaccia to satiate your appetite. It is like having your own personal miniature breakfast/brunch spread.

brunch spread

Campanello’s is an easy choice if you are in the neighbourhood looking for an Italian deli and cafe.

Dishes at Room Service, Tel Aviv

  • Delicatesene Breakfast 58NIS
  • Tart Tatin 36NIS
  • Americano 10NIS
  • Hot Cider 16NIS

Total = 120 before tip

Campanello Cafe Rating


Campanello Tel Aviv Restaurant

I walk into Campanello Tel Aviv at 9:30 in the morning to a relatively empty cafe, save for one fellow reading the morning paper, while his dog sits in a chair at the table beside him looking at passer-bys and posing for photos through the window. As I settled down to review the menu, Jack Johnson songs are playing in the background.  I’m not a huge fan, but the consistent melody in each of his songs augments my mood and I’m excited for my morning meal. It’s actually quite soothing. But that’s Jack Johnson.


The breakfast is a treat – a variety of cheeses and meats, with fresh bread and two of the most deliciously done eggs I have had in a while.  The salad is lemony and refreshing at the end of the meal. With a bit of radish and rocket/arugala, it is a slightly kicked up version from standard Israeli salads.

The breakfast overall was simple but satisfying.

campanello tel aviv salad

As time went on, the cafe traffic picks up.  People are stopping at the front to take pictures of the cute dog sitting on the chair.  A small group of women come in chatting away loudly amongst themselves. An elderly couple sit smoking in the back portion of the cafe (a small area away from most of cafe seating).  As I sat quietly enjoying my tart tatin I noticed it was soon time to leave.  The atmosphere had changed a bit. The smoke, the loud chatter. Antipasta was being ordered, and even Jack Johnson was no where to be found.  Campanello’s is a nice place to escape for some solitude if you go early enough during the weekdays.  

tart tatin tel aviv

tart tatin french pastry tel aviv

Crispy, warm, delicious. So nice it’s worth seeing once more. Bird’s Eye.

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