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The Container, Warehouse 2, Jaffa Port

Container – קונטיינר.  Bar. Restaurant. Venue. The Container at the Jaffa Port dubs itself as a triple threat in the Tel Aviv food and nightlife scene. While the scenic Jaffa Port, the Mediterranean sunsets and sea breezes are all excellent atmospheric pluses for the location, the Container is a jack of all trades yet master of none.

container review Tel Aviv restaurants

The Container, Tel Aviv shines bright and best as a music venue. Offering free concerts three times a week in Jaffa is an excellent reason in itself to visit the Jaffa Port establishment. The shows are usually high energy and the space is perfect for letting loose on the dance floor, drinking local brew and fancy cocktails every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

container review Tel Aviv restaurant Jaffa

As a bar, the large space seems a bit too spacious. The Container lacks any kind of intimacy offered in one of the smaller (pick up) bars that line Dizengoff, Ben Yehuda and Allenby. The Jaffa Restaurant might be a great place to bring your birthday party and allow your group of friends to interact. You aren’t likely to meet or bump into anyone new.

The Container, Tel Aviv, however, is a great second stop for those out on a date. It’s variety gives you an opportunity to make the most of the music playing, the art on the wall, the fully stocked bar, and busy kitchen to capitalize on something to do on a date. And as an added bonus your date can end with a walk or bicycle ride up the beach side promenade back towards the busy life in Tel Aviv.

container review jaffa restaurant tel aviv

As a restaurant the Container offers delicious seafood fare, with a few pasta and meat dishes. There is no distinct focus for the menu — not anything Middle Eastern or Israeli. Some appetizers might include eggplant, labeneh, sumac and other Mediterranean spices and ingredients but overall other dishes can include an array of add ins and accompaniments such as bacon, fries, sweet potatoes, and chili giving the menu at the Container a world of flavours.

the container review tel aviv restaurant

Take for example one lunch with friends: the meal began with the appetizer of Grilled Eggplant with Yogurt, Sumac, Onion and hot green chili pepper. The main dishes were the Crispy Skin Drum Fish Fillet on Gnocchi with Mushrooms, creamed butter with salt and pepper, the Fried Mix of Ultra Small Fish with a side of fries, and a Sea Bass Filet a la plancha with buttered potato puree (mashed potatoes) and tomato tapenade. Each dish has touches of Mediterranean, American, Indian/Mexican, French and Italian influences.

That being said, one consistent issue with the Container is not having the item on the menu and not informing the guest its out until after they have decided they want it. A frustrating experience when you have to balance the options of the almost 20 main dishes available. The servers do attempt to make the best of it, but better communication between the kitchen and staff needs to happen. However, the servers themselves tend to be attentive off the top and then disappear once the dishes are ordered and placed.

the container review tel aviv jaffa

Over all the Container at the Jaffa Port is a unique spot for entertainment, drinking and friends to gather. Don’t expect deep conversations while the incredible music is playing, so time your visit accordingly. Don’t expect a full restaurant experience in the converted warehouse either.

Do expect a beautiful time down at the Jaffa Port. Container’s saving grace is the guest’s ability to take advantage of any excuse to get down to the picturesque Port, the nighttime reflections of the moon in the water, the gentle sway of the boats in the water, and the satisfaction of a fun night full of potential.

the container restaurant review tel aviv

Dishes at Container

  • Grilled Eggplant w sumac & yogurt 38NIS
  • Crispy Skin Drum Filet w gnocchi and mushrooms 118NIS
  • Fried Mix of Ultra Small Fish & fries 98NIS
  • Sea Bass Fillet ala Plancha 98NIS

Total: 352NIS

Container Restaurant Rating

container restaurant jaffa port2.8/5

Container, Tel Aviv

container restaurant jaffa tel aviv container-music1fx

Restaurants in Jaffa

container review Tel Aviv restaurants


container review Tel Aviv restaurants jaffa

Jaffa Port Restaurant

container review Tel Aviv restaurants

the container Jaffa review Tel Aviv restaurants

jaffa port container review Tel Aviv restaurant


container tel aviv jaffa restaurant review

container review Tel Aviv restaurants



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Comments (2)

  1. posted by Angie on April 19, 2015

    Worst service ever!!
    Bad service is a growing epidemic and well known phenomena and The Container is no exception.
    patronising attitude and inconsiderate toward the customers is one of the bad sides of our experience in the The Container.
    And BTW, food is over rated and way too expensive….so think twice because it’s your right to get value for the price you pay, especially if its a high one.

    • posted by EatDrinkTelAviv on April 19, 2015

      Thank you for commenting. Several people have expressed that about The Container. Hopefully they read this and take it into consideration. I find bad service to be a big problem in Israel as more and more people travel abroad and get a taste of proper/kind/timely service.
      I found they were really attentive at the top, but once we got our food we didn’t hear from our server and it was almost impossible to wave him down or have him check on us (for more drinks, dessert, more food, etc.)


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