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Delicious Deli, Namal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv

Delicious Deli Bar – דלישס-בר בשר. Wars fought in the Middle-East region are aplenty, but one war rages on with very little worldwide interest. A lot of blood has been spilt*, friendships have been destroyed, and the court of public opinion in Israel stretched to its limits.

I’m speaking of the The Burger Wars.

(*Most of the blood spilled was cow, lamb, chicken, pig and lentil.)

best burger in tel aviv

There are plenty of Burger spots to choose from: Vitrina, Shusha, Magic Burger, Buddha Burger (vegetarian), the relatively new Gourmet 26, chain restaurants Agadir, Moses, Wolfnights and Ad Haetzem Express. Even casual and high-end restaurants are all about the burger including The Diner, R&M’s Coffee Bar and Brasserie, and actor Jessica Biel’s favorite North Abraxis.

However, while many of these are excellent places to indulge in the ritual known as “eating a hamburger” we submit to you the Delicious Deli-Bar at the Port of Tel Aviv (Namal Tel Aviv.) This no-frills burger joint is a simple wraparound counter in the middle of the busy and bustling Tel Aviv Farmer’s Market that offers delicious mouth watering hamburgers and a side of home-fries; thick, lightly spiced potato wedges that will warm your soul.

top 5 burgers tel aviv

Reminiscent of a typical no-nonsense small-town American diner, with ketchup on the counter, napkins at the ready, and round stools just waiting to be sat on, Delicious Deli Bar is a burger-lovers dream. Patties freshly grilled right before your eyes, the scent of grilled onions wafting through the surrounding environment. Seating is precious, but once you manage to scoot onto the soft stool and the burger is placed in front of you nothing else matters. Time stands still, the sounds of the market drift away. What’s left between the toasted bun that locks in the precious juices is a truly satisfying hamburger. Your tastebuds will thank you, your mouth has experienced umami.

And your burger battle is done, so if you do not mind, please leave as soon as you can there are plenty of people waiting to take your spot.

best hamburger in tel aviv

Dishes at Delicious

  • Hamburger 42NIS
  • Potato side 12NIS

Total: 54NIS

Delicious Burger Bar Rating



Top 5 Best Burger in Tel Aviv

There are plenty of lists out there, including this relatively new Top 5 Burgers in Tel Aviv by Affordable Tel Aviv Dining which we enjoyed, and this Best Burger in Tel Aviv list by Secret Tel Aviv and this vary outdated list by the Jerusalem Post and this “Where’s the Beef” list by Ha’aretz which has Delicious Deli Bar at the top (we couldn’t agree more.)

best hamburger tel aviv

For those looking for our quick opinion here is EatDrinkTelAviv’s Top Burger Spots in Tel Aviv

1) Delicious Deli Bar, Namal Tel Aviv Port – uncomplicated, straight to the point burger joint. Toasted bun, wedge potatoes, a couple of sauces to dress up your patty. It’s a small place, so if you are a bigger group check out Agadir (and those similar including Moses)

2) Vitrina, Ibn Gabirol 54 – Very popular, great reputation for quality burgers, their sausages are outstanding (better than the burgers in our opinion), and the lemon zested and herb sprinkled fries are lovely and appreciated touch. Gets busy at night, so go with a relatively small group of friends, somewhere between 2-4 people. You’ll be lucky if you get a seat at the counter (the only ones available), but know you are having a burger at the hot-spot in Tel Aviv for burgers. Hipsters ready your instagram #vitrina (Check out their tumblr)

3) Agadir Embassy, Three locations: Top of the Tel Aviv Port, Ben Yehuda 120, and Nachla’at Binyamin 2 – Well known for their flavorful burgers their draw is the incredible array of toppings you can add on including bacon, cheeses, peppers, mushrooms, egg, onions. Think The Counter burger restaurants for those coming in from the States. And like the counter, the price of your customized burger can add up. #stacked #expensive

Top 5? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Check out our Guide to Tel Aviv Burgers, a fun look at the who and why of visiting certain Tel Aviv restaurants. 

top 5 burgers tel aviv

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