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Feeli, 59 Nachla’at Binyamin, Tel Aviv

Feeli is a relatively new fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv (January 2014), that features their freshly baked cupped shaped bread as the vessel to fresh ingredients – aptly named the “feeli.” Situated in the corner of Nachla’at Binyamin and Ahad Ha’am Feeli aims to satisfy your food cravings at all hours of the day. You can go in early for a breakfast Feeli of Scrambled eggs, a lunchtime Israeli fast-food favourite of Turkey Shwarma, or treat yourself to a dinner of Chorizo a la Plancha (on the grill), or Short-Ribs with peppers. For those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth Feeli, Tel Aviv offers a Sweet feeli of a freshly baked feeli with stir-fried seasonal fruit and nuts topped with soft-serve ice cream.

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Click HERE for our interview with Feeli owner and inventor Shimmy Seren


The restaurant offers plenty of seating for food on-the-go, in a bright and colourful atmosphere. But the beauty of the feeli is that it can safely hold your meal within its cup while you hustle back to where ever you are going – the markets, to work, to meet up with friends. Feeli’s feeli feels good and is the safe way to enjoy food without spillage. (Take note messy eaters!)


With the many food options available, like falafel, shwarma, bagette, and burgers, Feeli brings something new, fresh and different transforming fast-food into a gourmet street food experience.


Dishes at Feeli Restaurant

  • Honey Mustard Roastbeef 36NIS
  • Turkey Shwarma 30NIS
  • Smoked Scrambled Eggs w Goose meat 16NIS
  • Vegetarian Dish 20NIS
  • Sweet Dish feeli 18NIS
  • +6 w drink

Feeli Restaurant Rating

feeli tel aviv

Feeli, Tel Aviv

Feeli is the brainchild of baker turned entrepreneur Jacob “Shimmy” Seren, who designed a unique proprietary dough to create the perfect baked vessel for fresh street food. The feeli is a crispy on the outside and slightly soft and chewy “pita-like” cup that serves as the safest and cleanest way to enjoy the wonderful options available.  The feeli cup is Shimmy’s way of protecting you from spilling your food.

Click HERE to read our interview with Feeli owner and inventor Shimmy Seren.

Meal options include, but not limited to, the Smoked Scrambled Egg with Goose meat, Honey Mustard Roast Beef with sweet potato and mushrooms, Green Curry Chicken with roasted peanuts, Phad Ka Pao, which includes minced beef with onions, tomatoes and herbs.  With Vegetarian, Vegan, Carnivorous and sweet options Feeli has something for everyone.


The savory insides are full flavoured and stir-fried fresh before you eyes. The feeli itself is made fresh to order and both parts are combined to make a quick, fresh, fully satisfying meal. A side of freshly stir-fried cube potatoes and onions is given with each feeli meal, which is a wonderful change from standard fries. All together the main meal and the side together illustrates the unique offering Feeli as a whole is trying to create.


Feeli, nothing more than Feeli

Their Sweet Feeli which should not be confused as dessert.  Having a sweet-feeli after a regular savory feeli is a feat unto itself. Like all carb heavy meals, the feeli fills you up immensely and having two may make you reach your limits for the day.

The sweet feeli is filled with freshly stir-fried seasonal fruits, nuts, butter and honey and then topped with a heaping amount of soft-serve vanilla ice cream creating a hot and cold sweet dish that will seriously satisfy your sweet tooth. It is almost like having pie a la mode, but the pie is standing up. It makes it a bit challenging, which can easily be handled by laying the feeli on the side and cutting right into it, allowing for the icecream and sweet fruit-nut mixture blend together.

However be warned:  having a sweet-feeli after a regular savory feeli is a feat unto itself. Like all carb heavy meals, the feeli fills you up immensely and having two may make you reach your limits for the day.


Can you Feel what the Feeli is cooking?

Feeli is a welcome addition to the fast-food laden streets of Tel Aviv. The busy intersection of Nachla’at Binyamin and Ahad Ha’am has a lot of different food options in the area, with Rothchild not too far away, and with Feeli it seems like Tel Aviv’s food scene is getting a bit more colourful, eclectic and most importantly and whole lot tastier.

Feeli, Fancy Fast-Food, and Fun 





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