Gilly’s, Tel Aviv

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Gilly’s, Tel Aviv

Gilly’s גיליז.  The Tel Aviv Port offers many options for dining and Gilly Peperman’s nakesake restaurant is one of them. The draw is their “Royal Breakfast” offered seven days a week, at a price of 68-72NIS. It’s an expensive but delicious combination with a selection of one main meal – e.g. salmon, salad, cheese – with a delectable basket of freshly baked breads, olives, butter, jams, and a champagne cocktail. The breakfast bread basket is perhaps the only real reason you should visit Gilly’s. If being “Royal” is getting drunk on gluten and feeling boozy, Gilly’s is your choice destination.

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The Tel Aviv Port restaurant has enough outdoor patio seating with passable view of the Mediterranean. Inside, Gilly’s features high ceilings providing a spacious open air environment. During quiet (read: less busy) morning outings with friends this calming environment envelops you with the lovely dining experience you likely need to start your day in the hectic city that is Tel Aviv.

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The food however gets mixed reviews. Some dishes were fine, but others failed to meet their expectations. The Royal Breakfast seems too expensive for what it is, regardless of offering champagne. The Salmon slices were delicate and tasty, and the simple salad, while appearing to be plain was high on freshness and flavor.

The Shakshuka was satisfying enough, the French Toast, unfortunately, was a sloppy, eggy mess. Likely using the leftover small buns from their baked delicacies, which is an excellent appropriation (and in this reviewers opinion is one aspect that makes for excellent French Toast) it appears that no care was put forth in making it look or taste acceptable. With too much egg, the sweet dish was slapped on the plate and left for dead.  Same goes for the Omelette – on both occasions during our visit they seemed overdone just enough for you to notice.

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For standard breakfast fare with the occasional surprise combo, like the Hamburger and Eggs dish, Gilly’s at the Tel Aviv Port will leave you with the distinct impression that the restaurant is adequate in some respects but falls short in many others. Gilly’s is a casual restaurant with a premium cost. The bread basket is an extra 10NIS but worth its weight in gold but it also includes your choice of hot drink or alcoholic cocktail. This explains why many perceive this to be a fun brunch location.

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Perhaps for dinner the experience might be different, but there are plenty of better options for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Chef Peperman may want to instill some consistent service and quality into this Port restaurant to save his name from becoming a eggy mess.

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Dishes at Gilly's

  • Royal Breakfast 72NIS
  • Brioche French Toast 56NIS
  • Shakshuka (w ham) 69NIS
  • Bread Basket (w hot drink / cocktail) 10NIS

Gilly’s Restaurant Rating

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Breakfast in Tel Aviv

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breakfast in tel aviv

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A Tel Aviv French Toast Travesty

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