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HaPizza, Bograshov 51, Tel Aviv

HaPizza – הפיצה is an excellent pizza and pasta restaurant, practically holding its own as the top spot in any self-respecting pizza list featuring Tel Aviv Pizzerias. Sometimes certain restaurant reviews are so simple and straightforward, its simplicity makes writing anything well…very difficult.  It’s whole pizzas and pasta people. Done really well. What more could you add? It’s closed on Fridays, that’s about it. Anything more would be a little ridiculous. (That being said please see “Best Pizza in Tel Aviv” below for a more complex pizza/pasta analysis or “pizastanalysis“)

For HaPizza’s menu click HERE.

hapizza review tel aviv

While a few other pizza places float around as great, amazing or as many Israelis will say “the best of the best!” HaPizza will trump many if not all of them simply because it offers a breadth of choices yet never overreaches on what it delivers — zeroing on what it does best: Great pizza and delicious pasta. What more do you need from a place that literally means “The Pizza”?

Other Top Pizza Places – Tony Vespa, Olivery, Phillippe, Rustico.

hapizza review tel aviv best pizza restaurant

Ask any Israeli in Tel Aviv about a great place to have pizza and HaPizza will inevitably be mentioned. It offers an intimate dining atmosphere based on size but is so full of energy and verve inside and outside with their packed patio seating. The kitchen is busy flipping and tossing fresh pizza dough before bewildered guests, their classic stone/brick pizza oven prominently displayed. While outside the staff does its best to keep the throngs of potential patrons waiting patiently in line, as they stare enviously at the rambunctious groups of diners enjoying and sharing full pizzas and deliciously plated bowls of pastas.

hapizza review tel aviv best pizza restaurant

Consider making your own decisions on toppings, as their set pizzas while delicious lacked a certain level of flavour complexity (Unlike Olivery pizza’s which have great set pizzas.) In the pasta department, the Sweet Potato Ravioli was a clear winner, offering a delicately sweet and buttery dish for several people in our large group.

Dishes at HaPizza

  • House Pizza (HaBayit) 49NIS
  • 70's Pizza (spicy) 49NIS
  • Antipasti (pizza wo sauce) 49NIS
  • Classic 49NIS
  • Pappardelle Asparagus/Tomato 51NIS
  • Pappardelle Rosa/Artichoke 49NIS
  • Tagliattelle peas and lemon butter 48NIS
  • Sweet Potato Ravioli 54NIS x 2
  • Soda/Cola 12NIS x 2
  • Espresso 11NIS

Total = 487 (prices of whole pizzas went up 1NIS and final bill reflects the new price change. Original bill was 483 for 10 people.)

HaPizza Restaurant Rating

hapizza restaurant rating4.25/5

HaPizza, Tel Aviv

If you are visiting Tel Aviv and looking for great pizza many would steer you towards HaPizza. Tourist take note: It’s great for couples, small families and large groups, but expect to wait if you go during dinner time or any time. It’s reputation is solid, it’s pizza mouth watering, and it’s rightly priced for a casual restaurant in Tel Aviv. Service is pretty decent too, friendly and attentive, and they do make a point of trying to get the growing lines attended to. It’s a high pressure place to be in, so show some patience and understanding. HaPizza recently extended their opening hours on Saturday to accommodate the masses needing their cheesy fix post Shabbos (Sabbath).

hapizza review tel aviv best pizza restaurant

Best Pizza in Tel Aviv

Well anything more would border on the ridiculous right? Well…here…we… gooooooo…..

I guess we could analyze the water to yeast ratios of the pizza, or go in to serious depth on the pizza sauce to cheese ratios, coupled with the chewiness of the dough, creating a complex equation where (s + c)*3.14/(y+w)² where 3.14 is the coefficient given that most pizza pies are round. (Substitute bxh for the area of the pizza if it is square or rectangular. Or 1/2 bxh if it is a triangle. But lets be serious, once you go pizza by the slice and mixing n’matching you’ve basically added quantum pizza matrices into the whole thing, you are way over your head. Stick with the circles and the triangle shapes they are cut into.)

Now where were we?

Ah yes…  s = sauce and c = the cheese and naturally y = yeast and w=water. Let’s go to the pizastanalyis…

hapizza review tel aviv best pizza restaurant


That being said when calculating “the” “best” and “pizza” one must take into account many factors. Starting with the water itself – hard or soft (h // s) and account for any alkaline levels above 50ppm.

Given the new information a decent pizza should account for all the possible toppings (a+b+c…nth topping), their nutritional value and include all the necessary constants (remember π is referring to pizza pi) and therefor:

pizza pi{[(a+b+c+nth)² * (s+c)*3.14]/(y+w)² } – .005x +(Z/Z*#)

Where “A” thru “Nth” are any number of possible toppings, s is the sauce, c is regular cheese (not goat) π is pi, yeast plus water. Also the alkaline constant of .005 and Z is the number of slices you want and Z*# is the total number of people in your party.

Further pursuant to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) work on infinitesimal calculus we can apply the same science to the pasta made at HaPizza. Where P is the type of pasta, w is water, and NaCl is salt (s is after still sauce that goes onto the pasta). Then take into account the constants of the temperature the water is boiling and any impurities in the water.

Well, that equation is too complex to put in a simple post but here is just a taste….

(w + NaCl)³ + p [-(starch/p) + (coefficient of pasta based on size)*NΔ (where N equals the number of pastas in the pot, delta being the number of pasta lost from being stuck on the sides, or flung against the wall to test readiness) + s/s*.09pot (9% of the sauce stuck to the sides of the pot.) ANYWAY…. I assure you there are nerds somewhere trying to figure it out.

Until they do… Enjoy the food.

hapizza review tel aviv best pizza restaurant pasta


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