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Mex & Co, Ben Yehuda 122, Tel Aviv

The people that I know who love Mexican food are very vocal about “knowing good Mexican food” when they have it. In the past Tel Aviv has had sparse options available in regards to Mexican food, with one restaurant on Bograshov and Ben Yehuda being the only foray — but traveling friends and locals have told me they were never overly impressed. Thankfully, in the last couple of years several more authentic Mexican restaurants have opened up – Mezcal, Taqueria restaurant, and the “Chipotle-like” Donkey have popped up around Tel Aviv. Recently, Mex & Co. has joined the Mexican food revolution.

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Mex & Co Mexican Food in Tel Aviv

Mex&Co (Mex and co) offers a fun 6-step menu breaking down your ordering experience:

1. How, 2. What, 3. White, 4. Must, 5. Hot, 6. Fresh (I realize something must be lost in translation, but it’s fairly straightforward when you see it.)


The Tel Aviv restaurant offers three meals – Burrito, Plato (Bowl), or 3 Tacos at a very reasonable base rate of 29NIS.

From there you have 9 main dishes of chicken, beef and vegetarian/vegan options with fancy authentic Mexican sounding names like Pollo Encebollado (spicy chicken), Carne Con Chorizo (beef stripes and spicy sausage), Huevos Haminados (frijoles, egg and sour cream), Pollo Caribeno (Chicken casserole with red pepper and pineapple caramel), Pincho Entrecot (thin-strip entrecot in olive oil), and Fiesta De Hongos (seared mushrooms in olive oil), and more.

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Mexican Food in Tel Aviv

Each dish, as described by one of the servers as authentically Mexican with only slight consideration to Israeli tastes. This is why you will sometimes find white feta (on nachos), and coriander with the pollo and huevos being offered. But rest assure, Mex & Co. offers a large variety of well-crafted options and extremely authentic and fantastic sauces. Each dish is unique by itself but can immediately transform the second time around with one of the well-made sauces. The Salsa-Jalapeno Lime and the Mole Negro Cocoa were particular stand outs.  (If you are sensitive to spice ask for it on the side.)

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You can choose to have it with white rice, brown rice or quinoa, the latter of which I found to be a healthier option but somewhat strange to have with Mexican food. None-the-less it’s a worthwhile addition to those looking for healthy alternatives. To counter the healthy options, if you so choose, Frozen Lemon Margaritas for 15NIS are a no-brainer, being the tastiest way to enjoy tequila.

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If you find yourself in central Tel Aviv looking for authentic and affordable Mexican fare, Mex & Co. will satisfy the die-hard “I-know-Mexican-Food” lovers out there. Visit them on Facebook for more information.


Dishes at Mex & Co., Tel Aviv

  • Nachos w tomato salsa 14NIS
  • Nachos Con Queso 24NIS
  • Burrito/Taco/Plato (Bowl) 29NIS base
  • White Rice/Brown Rice no charge, Quinoa +2NIS
  • Ensalada Azteca 24NIS
  • Margarita 15NIS
  • Main Dish 29NIS (base charge)
  • +2NIS for three options (chicken strips, roastbeef, seitan)
  • +4NIS for three options (chicken casserole, entrecote, portobellos)

Mex & Co Restaurant Rating

mex & co review


Mex and Co Tel Aviv

Having been to Mex & Co. several times with friends we always left satisfied with incredibly tasty Mexican dishes. (At first glance I found my quinoa bowl really tasty but not-so-mexican. But subsequent meals have been a delight.) Friends and co-workers, now living in Tel Aviv, who have lived in Los Angeles (and with that are particularly spoiled on REALLY good Mexican food) found the burritos tasty, filling, and full flavoured. The tacos were fresh and soft and topped off to perfection. Particularly, the Nachos Con Queso were described as “the best nachos in Israel” being loaded with fresh veggies on top of real nachos (not those lame Tostitos usually found in bars.) I particularly enjoyed the plain Bag of Nachos with tomato Salsa, the chips were crisp and salted enough and were a perfect addition to the well packed burrito.


Mexican food and desserts never seemed to go together in my opinion, but Mex & Co. does offer 2 options – the Cheese cake, and a fried Quesadilla with Nutella and Bananas. It’s a nice simple and cheap way to end your meal on a sweet note (18NIS each), but neither of which was anything worth noting.


For the relatively small restaurant, they offer a friendly atmosphere, with about a dozen spots inside and two dozen spots outside. It’s never been an issue to get a place to sit.  Being relatively new  (Dec 2013), they do have to iron out some service and kitchen speed issues, but I found them to be always pleasant and forthcoming, even generous with the occasional free dessert to placate any inconvenience. Keep in mind that because you choose what you want in a burrito, make sure you get what you ordered inside, as a friend noted when she felt some of her choices were missing.

Mex & Co, Tel Aviv is a welcomed addition to the Mexican restaurants bringing more authentic cuisine to the city.

best mexican food tel aviv

Restaurant Comments

Comments (3)

  1. posted by Li on June 26, 2014

    Is the a link to the updated menu?

    • posted by EatDrinkTelAviv on June 28, 2014

      Hi Lior,
      I’m replying using wordpress so I’m not sure if it will go through. I didn’t see the comment until now, but didn’t want to ignore it. I don’t have any link to their menu, so I wasn’t aware they updated their menu. I’ll have to check it out. Hope you enjoy Mex&Co. If you haven’t been to Taqueria I would say their food is fairly good, but you can’t beat Mex and Co’s price.



  2. posted by Jon on January 15, 2016

    Not bad, but not authentic Mexican food by any means, it’s Tex Mex food


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