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Mifgash Osher, King George 105, Tel Aviv

Mifgash Osher in Tel Aviv is situated on the peaceful side on the Northern edge of King George Street, where locals can indulge in simple and genuinely authentic Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine. The shop’s simple menu consists of salad, falafel and sabich in a pita and made fresh to order.


There is a genuine feeling of fun emanating from this Falafel joint.  Omri is a master of welcoming people, while simultaneously prepping the salad that will go into the falafel or sabich.  All the ingredients are mixed together fresh in a small bowl before being placed in the pita. The falafel is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but it is the vegetables that seem to pop with freshness – the parsley is strong, the tomato and cucumber refreshing. Mifgash Osher prides itself on making a genuinely authentic dish that will satisfy your hunger.

Click here for the in-depth interview with Mifgash Osher’s Owners Bentzi Arbel and Omri Kravitz.

fresh falafel ingredients

Order up a full, half or quarter pita at very reasonable prices for the falafel and sabich.  Can’t decide between Sabich and a Falafel? No worries, this Tel Aviv falafel joint has your covered: Order the Sabilafel in a pita for the best of both worlds.


Dishes at Mifgash Osher

  • Falafel Quarter/Half/Full - 6/10/16NIS
  • Sabich Quarter/Half/Full - 7/12/19NIS
  • Sabilafel Half/Full - 13/22NIS

Mifgash Osher Rating


Madness of King George

For those that live and visit Tel Aviv, you will all know King George Street by name. From Dizengoff Mall to the Carmel Market (Shook HaCarmel) it is a busy, hot and crowded street with a stinky dog park, and people – lots and lots of people, shoe shops,  small kiosks, and quick and easy food at your disposal. There are some bright spots like Sonya Getzel, whose entrance is an alley off King George and offers a surprisingly relaxing garden and delicious food. But basically, going down this side of King George is like walking through an insane asylum or the set of a Terry Gilliam movie. Welcome to the Madness that is King George.

king george street tel aviv

But that is only half the story.  King George extends north of Dizengoff mall and is practically the opposite of its southern self. If you ever feel like King George is letting you down, getting you down, bringing you down — just head North my friend.

This portion in comparison is quiet, tree lined (and thus cooler), filled with a few cool coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants like Bertie, and a pretty amazing falafel joint. A Happiness Joint – Mifgash Osher.


Falafel and Sabich in Tel Aviv

What separates this falafel and sabich shop from the multitudes of others scattered across the city is the owners are both classically trained chefs.  Omri and Bentzi, who have interned in Paris and Calabria, respectively, worked in some of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv — including Tapas Ah’chad Ha’am, Sheila, Goocha, and Herbert Samuel. Mifgash Osher is the brainchild of Bentzi, who insisted that he and his long time childhood friend, Omri, step away from the blood, sweat, and insanity of working in the kitchen and go back to the happy memories of the falafel joints they visited as kids in Haifa.

“As a kid I would go to Falafel Orion in Haifa” Bentzi describes those wonderful moments he would go grab some food with his dad, “eating a half portion of falafel with Annas juice [Pineapple] – super sweet, with super sour tahini, and my father. It was the holy triangle!”

Hence the name Mifgash Osher – Happiness Joint.

Click here for the in-depth interview with Mifgash Osher’s Owners

falafel tel aviv

Falafel on King George, Tel Aviv

Mifgash Osher’s decor is a friendly version of the suspect wall on the TV show Homeland, substituting hardened criminals with small photos of friends and loyal customers surrounded by masking tape borders. (All you need are the little red strings connecting them all to make the conspiracy theory complete.)

As well, an inordinate amount of rubber chickens hang mercilessly from the ceiling – as though the trunk of an old-time comedian exploded. Along with the “Hug me I’m Italian” t-shirt on the wall, the falafel and sabich shop definitely exudes a silliness and whimsical character, no doubt reflexive of the owners themselves.

Bentzi and Omri definitely bring quality falafel and sabich to their little happiness spot on King George with Mifgash Osher.


A fantastic falafel spot for friends and funny moments. Walk over to King George and make sure you head North.

Authentic Falafel in Tel Aviv

where to get the best falafel in tel aviv

where to get the best sabich in tel aviv


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