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Mitbach Lilah, Lilenblum 43, Tel Aviv

Mitbach Lilah (Night Kitchen) is the perfect dining experience combining the laid-backed wine bar vibe, and the sophistication of a full menu chef-restaurant. Tucked away at the corner of Lilenblum and Allenby, Mitbach Lilah is like entering a private home party in a delightful, rustic wood cottage. The decor of hanging copper pots above the full bar, and kitchen utensils on the walls provide a comforting and down-to-earth atmosphere.  The cocktail menu is a simple collection of well made, but not over elaborate drinks. The food is delectable, and imaginative, but simple enough to allow the ingredients to represent themselves accordingly on the well plated dishes.


As you decide between the clean, neat “Drink for Men” with its aromatic slice of apple, or the sweet and surprisingly well balanced Alabama Slammer, rock, pop and hip hop hits from the early 90’s play softly in the background. You will find yourself with a wry smile recognizing that song from way-back-when. This all adds up to the enjoyment, and you haven’t even tasted the food yet!

The dishes are inventive, and also fun. You can order up a sophisticated Hanger steak with a Cured Lemon Tomato Salad with horse-radish infused sour cream, Gin Jelly-Tuna Sashimi, or a grown up gourmet style “Sloppy Joe” sandwich, and Montreal inspired Steak Poutine with Gravy (on the menu as “Putin” with no relation to the Russian leader).


This blend of items on the menu showcase Mitbach Lilah’s ease in creating a chef-style classic restaurant with a down-to-earth accessible feel. The head chef, Boaz Peled, is a quiet fellow, whose Moroccan/Russian heritage influences and inspires him when he created the menu. He ultimately lets the food speak for itself.

night kitchen tel aviv

There is enough to explore at Night Kitchen, Tel Aviv  – stand outs include the Hangar Steak, but specials like the Buttery Cabbage “Ravioli” with Spinach and Cheese, wrapped delicately in cabbage was described by accompanying friends/diners as incredible soft, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The Tomato Carpaccio with Labaneh Cheese, with its smooth texture and full flavour, one of the most outstanding surprise dishes I have ever had the chance to experience.


To finish the meal, Mitbach Lilah, Tel Aviv has Creme Brûlée on a stick with a rotating specials like Strawberry shortcake or the occasional ice-cream sandwich.  The sweet, caramel flavoured mini-desserts are a crunchy and cool way to sweetly end your meal without over doing it. Having dined at Mitbach Lilah restaurant on several occasions it is the perfect place for family, friends and a first date – all of which I have experienced personally.

The service is friendly, easy-going, attentive, consistent and welcoming. The Night Kitchen, Tel Aviv has an incredibly spacious communal table in the back that can house about 12-15 diners. It is most ideal for birthday and anniversary celebrations.

creme brulee tel aviv

This lovely gem of a restaurant is a impeccable spot to have your late night rendezvous in Tel Aviv.  The staff, owners and fellow diners all seem to get the vibe created by the comfortable night kitchen, which explains why many diners have repeat visits, sometimes multiple times during the week. That being said, reservations are highly recommended.

Dishes at Mitbach Lilah, Tel Aviv

  • "Drink For Men" Cocktail 42NIS
  • Alabama Slammer 42NIS
  • Gin and Tuna Sashimi 48NIS
  • Hanger Steak 78NIS
  • Tomato Carpaccio
  • Cabbage Ravioli Special
  • Creme Brulee
  • Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Special

Mitbach Lilah Restaurant Rating

mitbach lilah review


Night Kitchen Tel Aviv

I have always enjoyed Mitbach Lilah, Tel Aviv and keep going back. It started off when i needed a place to celebrate my birthday.  My cousin’s in Israel that had recommended the place.  They know one of the owners, a young Israeli guy and his wife, who on an given night can be found making the rounds seating, chatting away and laughing with dining guests.  I’ve met them several times at family gatherings.  We only spoke briefly about the restaurant but you can see the spark and passion they have in their night-time kitchen. I celebrated with about a dozen friends last March and had a wonderful time.

When the new menu was being introduced this year, my family inviting me to join them to try Mitbach Lilah’s tasting menu. It was a lot of fun.

Intimate, fun and relaxing, Mitbach Lilah has all the hall-marks of a great place to have a celebration.

Or a date.


I’m on a date. I’m sitting across from a fantastically gorgeous woman mulling over the cocktail list. Our Gary - quesionmarkserver, a young woman is cheery and helpful.  She recommends a few things, but really likes the drink with a basil aromatic. We resist her charms and I happily choose the Alabama Slammer, while my date picks the a vodka cocktail with an apple slice named the “Drink for Men.”  She ordered the Drink for Men?

Is it some kind of power-play move on a date?  Trying to establish dominance?

I’m too busy enjoying my Alabama Slammer to really mind. Plus the music play list at Mitbach Lilah is the perfect road-trip down memory lane – light hip hop the Pharcyde is playing softly in the background.

The night’s going well. We share a few dishes and inevitably, midway through our meal she asks me: “So… do you like your drink better than mine?” (That’s girl-speak for will you switch drinks with me.) I think both drinks are great, but I do tell her I do like my Alabama Slammer.  She looks defeated.  We switch drinks anyway.

After all, I like her more.


Mitbach Lilah Review Eat.Drink.TelAviv

I had been meaning to review Mitbach Lilah for a while, so I use it as an excuse to invite about a dozen of my friends to the restaurant to enjoy the many dishes and get their take.  There is Shida who works at an pretty well known Start-up and her friend Roniet, Jon, an entrepreneur who is looking to start his own start-up, Brooke, my social media maven who also works for a start-up and her friend Danielle… I’m starting to think I know too many people in the tech world. But this is Tel Aviv. Rounding out the group are my friend Tomer from Toronto, Tal a former USC student, Shira, my friend and colleague from Los Angeles and Tamar, a family friend, owner of Mitbachi Kitchen on Shenkin and girlfriend of head chef Boaz Peled.

It’s because of her I’m now sitting beside Boaz as he joins us in our late night revelry.  He sits here quietly eating something he’s prepared for himself in the kitchen.  I bet it’s good.

“So how was the date last week?” he inquires.

“It was great thanks,” I reply. I wondered if he saw her trying to establish dominance, and decide not to bring it up. “Thanks for sending over the tomato carpaccio. It was incredible.”

“You are welcome. I thought it would help you reestablish dominance.” He does NOT say, but would have been hilarious if he did.

“No seriously, that tomato carpaccio was one of the most surprisingly tasty dishes. I would have never ordered it in a million years. Tomato carpaccio sounds like it’s part of some kind of vegetarian conspiracy.”

Boaz chuckles quietly and smiles.  “Ya, it’s a great dish, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m glad you had a good time on your date.”

Late Night at Night Kitchen

As the party wanes, and my friends bid farewell, Tamar, Boaz and I are sitting at the bar chatting about the food.  The cabbage “ravioli” was a bit hit with my friends. Boaz says it was a lot of work, and it’s nice to add fun things to the menu every once in a while. Maybe add a few more vegetarian dishes to the menu. I counter by telling him the Hanger Steak is one of my favourites and I tell him it’s my new mission to make cured lemons to try and make that side salad. Tamar and Boaz chuckle, but jokes on them, I made a batch of cured lemons a week later to great success.

night kitchen dessert

We sit and snack on the creme brulee dessert and the strawberry shortcake in a cup. Some sweet benefits of hanging out with the chef.  It’s after midnight on a Wednesday, and all of the dining guests have left, the staff behind the bar is cleaning up, joking around. One of the chef’s is telling a story about how much he loves his dog.

nomnom - conspiracy“I’m watching the football match, with my girlfriend on one side, and my dog on the other. And I think to myself, life doesn’t get much better than this.”

Boaz agrees, and Tamar laughs as the chef telling the story finishes. I’m lost in thought though…

I wonder if there is a Vegetarian Conspiracy and how come there is no “Drink for Women”?


Late night thinking, late night drinking

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