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You ever get sushi cravings?

Growing up in Toronto you weren’t ever too far from some decent sushi.  Even after living a year in Vancouver you couldn’t walk ten feet without walking past an incredible sushi place.  Not all sushi places are created equal, but it was easier to come by in the Pacific coast, heavily Asian-populated city of Vancouver than it is here in the Middle-East. The fish is “fresher” in Vancouver, I’m sure, but (and I’m not a scientist) I’m pretty sure the fish is flash frozen and shipped safely to a Tel Aviv eatery near you. So don’t be too reticent.

There aren’t too many sushi places in Tel Aviv.  Let me rephrase that:  I think you should be selective when you decide to eat Japanese cuisine of raw fish in a desert locale.  I’m sure you may have to make the same discerning choice if you were in Dubai or Lebanon since sushi and Middle-East don’t usually go together.  Just take people’s recommendations to heart, and most importantly be clear on your recommendations.  (Having a bad experience when I satisfied my sushi craving at a pretty bad sushi joint is what started me on this site. And I will revisit that place to review it fairly.)

That bring me to Moon.  Two things: 1) Go here for sushi.

That was simple wasn’t it?

I went with Neil and Lolita, two trusted and adventurous companions.  We actually first went to Moon (Unit 1) on Bograshov, but it was about 9pm and they get pretty busy.  We didn’t have reservations so she offered to call Moon (Unit) 2 (Moon D-Light) on Pinsker just around the corner.

moon sake sushi tel aviv

The major difference in the two Moon’s is the main moon is much larger and has the conveyor belt sushi train.  (I’ve seen this in Vancouver and Los Angeles – where each plate is a different color and price.  They add up the plates at the end and it sounds like a fun way to eat. Of course you can always order off the regular menu, if merry-go-round food isn’t your thing.)

Moon 2 is a much smaller restaurant (a satellite moon if you will).  Very clean, white interior and much preferred if you were on a date.  We didn’t have reservations but they *managed* to allow us to sit at a table.  I don’t ever understand why they make such a big deal.  We had all three waitresses tell us they did not have a place for us, and in the end they sat us down anyway.

I’d suggest making reservations to this location as I found their outside patio very relaxing, yet still energetic.  Unless you grew up in a box warehouse and are at home with conveyor belts, I don’t think you are missing out too much from Moon 1.

That gets me to my second point.

2) Don’t go super hungry.  It’s great sushi.  Just look at those yummy pictures.  The fish was fresh, it was tasty, cool and some of the pieces were delightful to try.  But I think I got carried away.  As in, I ordered way more sushi than I could handle and by the end of it I had a bill of 400 NIS.


That’s one of the hardest part about being in Israel is that sushi is so expensive.  The amount of sushi I ate I could have had back home for 100NIS ($25Cdn).  And it would be All-You-Can-Eat.  That means I’d stuff myself into a sushi coma and wake up with avocado maki in my pockets for later.

I'd stuff myself into a sushi coma


For Moon 1, I’d suggest no more than 4 people since it gets so busy. For Moon 2, it’s more intimate and great for a date but they can handle groups of 6 or 8. And because it’s smaller you aren’t fighting with so many other people to get heard.  Just make a reservation.


Also, if I can suggest anything – get the sashimi salad (pictured), and the salmon or tuna tartar (not pictured) and pace yourself beacuse the millefeuille is amazing.  I had it when I went to Moon 1 for dessert with a friend and it comes out chilled and just incredibly satisfying.  Their millefeuille (which in French means thousand leaves) is a little different with a more solid graham cracker base and the custard and taste of creme-brule.

moon-dessert2 BLARG


moon sushi tel aviv dogsOne thing I do want to talk about and that’s dogs in a restaurant.  I get that things are different here, but there is a difference when to our left, you have a pomeranian quietly sitting under the table (cute as heck too) and the table to our right having a pit-bull mix breed wanting to play fetch with your face.

The owners could have put the dog closer to them, by the window instead of in the walkway inside the restaurant.  It’s like each time the waitress came by with our meals she had to assert her dominance over this animal.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the people and the dog were outside on the patio, but if you bring your animal inside the establishment, make sure your dog doesn’t want to play “pet the top of my head stranger” with everyone around it (him/her I wasn’t sure.)


  • Salmon tartar 46NIS
  • Sashimi salad 56NIS
  • California roll 24NIS
  • Rainbow Salmon maki 29NIS
  • Spicy Tuna maki 29NIS
  • Avocado maki 17NIS
  • Spicy Tuna Avocado sandwich 29NIS
  • Sake

I went a little overboard with the dishes, it added up.

Total 400NIS



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