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Oasis, 17 Montefiore, Tel Aviv

Oasis – אואזיס. This magnificent restaurant in Tel Aviv will be some of the best food you will eat in Israel.  Ever. Now for a couple of maxims:  Firstly, if you love the person you are with you will take them to Oasis. Secondly, if the person loves you, they should take you to Oasis. The restaurant in Tel Aviv is definitely a worthy spot to treat that special someone or to partake in any celebration; birthdays, anniversaries, baby naming, Tuesdays. Frankly you don’t need to be choosey. The food here is exquisite. Divine.  Sublime.

Treat yourself to a cascade of unique flavours and wonderfully combined textures. Your journey in food begins at Oasis restaurant.

asian food in tel aviv

For the masses the restaurant might be described as expensive or pricey (which ever term you prefer) but sort through your sofa, cancel the Internet (yes the INTERNET!) for a month or two and invest in one of the best meals in Tel Aviv.

Oasis restaurant tel aviv

Oasis Tel Aviv, was rated one of the top three new restaurants in 2012 by the Jerusalem post along with NOLA and 44 (which no longer exists.) Chef Rima combines over 30 years experience in the food industry, her intense love of world travel, exposing her to a vast amount of ingredients and techniques from working with various chefs, and pours it all into her labour of love — Oasis.

The dishes are inventive, and a wonderful amalgam of textures, tastes, creativity and colour.  The menu changes often, to accompany the seasons, and available ingredients that Rima herself sometimes brings in from her travels. Even the names of the dishes are attached to the places they are inspired from – Vietnam, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris – so expect something unusual and enticing.

best dessert at a restaurant in tel aviv

Starters like Mexico Salpicon – roasted chicken breast with Mexican achiote, smoked pumpkin seeds, lime creme fraiche and hand-made pickled jalapeños in a crisp lettuce cup (54NIS).  Or Raw zucchini salad ala Rome that is fresh julienne zucchini, truffle oil, lemon and Pecorino Romano(46NIS).  Main dishes titled Paris – grilled crispy skin duck breast with black pepper, French toast grilled nectarine and violet confiture (128NIS). With desserts being equally mouth watering – Rima’s Kiss which is passionfruit tiramisu with Italian mascarpone and vanilla lady lingers with Jamaican rum (46NIS). And Japanese style cheese cake with matcha green tea frosting (34NIS).

After dining in over 100 restaurants in Tel Aviv – under EatDrinkTelAviv’s OnePerson/One Palette philosophy – Oasis will hold the top spot as the best food in Tel Aviv. The restaurant in Tel Aviv currently is only open Sunday to Friday from 7:00pm – 11:30pm and space is limited.oasis party room tel aviv

Dishes at Oasis

  • Laotian Style Steak Tartar 58NIS
  • "Vietnam" - sea bream w cucumbers and sprouts 122NIS
  • Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich w Almond Cookies 44NIS
  Total 225NIS (one person no drinks.)

Oasis Restaurant Rating

oasis tel aviv restaurant

5/5 Blarg gives the food an extra fork it was so good.

Where is the World is this Oasis?

I had waited too long to try Oasis, since hearing about it from the Jersualem Post article when I arrived in Tel Aviv in late 2012. When I did finally manage to get there I had to dine alone, since I was already going to dinner with friends later that night, but I figured I could sneak in a quick reservation once the restaurant opened at 7:30pm. It is also a bit expensive and lacked a girlfriend or an excuse to splurge for such an occasion. Frankly, I think dining alone might be the best way to enjoy the food.  Less talking, more focusing on what is going on when you eat the food.

There is this brief moment when finishing an epic novel that you have invested weeks, if not months reading, where you are so close to weeping. That is what almost happened to me once I finished dining at Oasis.


Service there is friendly, and quick.  It is not a big restaurant so it would seem easy to cover all 6 or 7 tables. The gentleman waiter offered me a small sample of their Bloody Mary and several suggestions on what to try. He was helpful, humorous and non-intrusive.

After seeing me take several photos of the food he did warn me I might upset the chef if I don’t eat the food soon. I was told these genius chefs can be a little temperamental. But rightfully so, Chef Rima is personally in the kitchen ensuring the quality of each and every dish. And with her careful construction of such complex dishes you would wonder if she is the Carmen Sandiego of cooking; Stealing ingredients from around the world, along with your heart and stomach with every meal she makes.

Sublime Food at Oasis Restaurant

The Laotian style steak tartar with Naam-pla, mint, chilis, lime, and quail egg, accompanied by these perfectly light as air snow-white Laotian chips was extremely pleasurable to eat and even fun. The crispy chips are a wicked vessel to enjoy the tapioca and tartar. Squeeze the lime and you elevate the meat and tapioca to a new level.


The “Vietnam” is a crispy sea bream special with a haute cuisine Vietnam sauce of shallot, lemon grass, black pepper, with caramel in a salad of glass noodles, plum, mint, coriander and basil.  It was so good I was rendered speechless. The server, as they often do, come by to check in with me and my meal. And all I could muster was:


And he totally understood.


As I finished everything short of licking the plate, I was close to asking the server to let me take the sauce home with me in a small Tupperware container.


Dessert consisted of Two Toasted Almond Cookies with Caramel Ice Cream and French Atlantic Sea Salt. This will be the best thing you will put in your mouth.  And yes, I am aware of the devilishly sexual innuendo in that statement. Get your mind out of the gutter, for this dessert is heaven. Pace yourself, the combination of sweet, salty and crunchy and will likely produce some kind of foodgasm if you devour it too quickly. And as tempted as I was to order a second, I was running late to dinner with friends. If I had known how Oasis, Tel Aviv was I probably would have ruined dinner plans with friends many times over.  And don’t think the thought of returning for another dessert later that night didn’t cross my mind. But alas, it was only once… like any good Oasis you spot in the middle of the dessert, my time there was brief. Cherished forever, in a sort of sublimely-diviney-blimey-lemon-limey… okay I’ll really stop now.  Behold… the ICE CREAM SANDWICH!best ice cream sandwich tel aviv

It is often that friends in Tel Aviv rarely make dinner reservations in advance but I implore you to reconsider. Call now, and treat yourself to a culinary adventure around the world.
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