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Popina, 3 Ahad Ha’am, Tel Aviv

popina tel aviv restaurant logoPopina– פופינה – is an elegant restaurant that marries a modern aesthetic injected into a historical building nestled in the tony neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek. Upon entering you are presented with deep wood tables, and a rich intimate earthy atmosphere.  The floor to your right is a cleverly converted basement, which is transformed into the restaurant’s wine cellar that displays Popina’s extensive vintages. Directly ahead taking centre stage is the brightly lit kitchen where diners can catch a glimpse of head chef Orel Kimchi, as he directs his team of chefs in creating the varied dishes that populate the menu.

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The Tel Aviv restaurant on Ahad Ha’am presents an interesting selection of seasonal dishes that vary by taste and technique. Courses can come 1) cured, 2) steamed, 3) baked, 4) seared, or 5) slow cooked (all with a suggested cocktail beverage) allowing any diner to find a unique dish to suit his or her palate for that evening.

For the more adventurous, guests can indulge in the Chef’s tasting menu of seven (7) or nine (9) dishes, giving all involved an ingenious way to enjoy all that Chef Kimchi and Popina have to offer.

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Set down a path of taste, technique and texture as Kimchi chooses which of his creations to send your way, with the chef himself making a stop to make sure everything is to your liking. We were treated to Seabream with Black Risotto and Beet Root, Beef Rib and Shrimp Burgers on a steamed bun with carrot chips, Squid Ink pizza with white cream and goal cheese, and Pumpkin Almond Ravioli Foie Gras with Truffles, and more.  For dessert our sweet tooth was tempted with an incredible Apple Cake and Stella Artois Ice Cream, the former was delicate and light, but not too sweet, and the ice cream was boozy and creative. The Rhubarb Meringue/Cherry Basil Parfait was a mix selection of different techniques all on one dessert plate. Some worked better than others, the Basil for example was a bit overpowering, where as the Meringue was crisp yet silky.

Check out Chef Orel Kimchi’s Meet.Talk.TelAviv Interview HERE.

Overall the tasting menu was worth every bated breath as each of us waited in giddy anticipation to see what would arrive and surprise us next.

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One thing is for certain, Popina has maintained her success as a fine dining Tel Aviv restaurant by being inventive, bringing delicate crafted dishes, and attentive service to their patrons.  Chef Kimchi has accomplished much at a very young age, and still has that youthful exuberance to push the envelop without alienating Israeli’s tastebuds.  During an interview with Chef Kimchi, he is always looking to bring a wide variety of delectable seafood and meats in prepare them in interesting ways.

Check out Chef Orel Kimchi’s Meet.Talk.TelAviv Interview HERE.

Popina, Tel Aviv is an excellent choice for intimate dinners with visiting guests looking for a rich Mediterranean-Israeli experience. Surprise a loved one with a romantic dinner on the beautiful and calm Neve Tzedek street, where inside the restaurant atmosphere is lively, the energy from the kitchen and surrounding tables is contagious and the Chef’s strive for perfection is apparent in each delivered dish.

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Dishes at Popina

  • Tasting Menu 7 Dishes 280NIS

Total = 280NIS not including tip

Popina Restaurant Rating

popina restaurant review 4.6/5

Popina Tel Aviv

popina tel aviv restaurants

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