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Suzanna, 9 Shabazi Street, Neve Tzedek

In the historic tiny neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek sits the sizeable cafe Suzanna.  This popular cafe’s open and roomy terrace offers a wonderful spot to rest as you finish exploring the peaceful atmosphere of this chic district.   The soft yellow decor with rustic wood tables at Suzanna compliment the mellow surroundings, where the sunlight peaks through tall trees and birds chirp freely, their singsong voices the perfect accompaniment to a late morning coffee.  Away from traffic, Suzanna in Neve Tzedek carries an eclectic menu of winter warm soups, lovely Mediterranean appetizers, stuffed and wrapped dishes, salads, meat and seafood main courses.  They carry a selection of wine and cava, and sweet desserts.

suzanna neve tzedek tel aviv restaurant

Suzanna’s is a wonderful spot to meet up with a friend and escape the harried Tel Aviv scene. The café is famous for their Pumpkin kubbeh soup; a warm, flavourful dish that is almost a meal unto itself. The broth is rich with taste, and perfectly suited to warm your body on a chill Tel Aviv afternoon. The stuff phyllo liver with onions and pear sauce is a interesting combination of hearty and sweet. It was delicious but I found it to be too much liver for one to consume comfortably, unless you were competing in the Olympics where juicing up on iron would be helpful.  The Shrimp in a buttery citrus and garlic sauce is a tangy and spicy seafood lovers treat.  The roasted vegetables on both dishes are a beautiful addition, offering a sweet and smokey addition that tantalizes the palette. Suzanna has very delicious falafel appetizer, with breaded cauliflower and Israeli Salad that is fresh, lemony and very filling. Desserts offered seem to be standard cafe fair with tarts, ice cream and sorbet, and a couple of cakes.  We were recommended the apple tart with vanilla ice cream, and while it was an okay way to end the meal, (dessert usually is a great way to end the meal) I found it to be a bit lacklustre. (See more below)

Neve Tzedek restaurant tel aviv suzanna

The dessert was Suzanna’s only major shortcoming being, in my opinion 1) overpriced and 2) too simple and unimaginative for a dessert item.  At 36NIS (For tourists this roughly translates into an $10-11US dessert as of 2/2014) you get a small run-of-the-mill baked tart with one scoop of ice cream. The apples lacked any crispness, overboiled and baked in cinnamon. Fully expect higher prices in Neve Tzedek, given its stature and posh locale, but one should expect more from their desserts.  (Even dressing the dish with a bit of fresh fruit, or chocolate shards or shavings, or toffee/butterscotch drizzle.)

suzanna-pumpkinsoup1fxSuzanna, Neve Tzedek is a great place to meet friends, or stop off midway on a walk down the boardwalk from Tel Aviv to Yafo.  It can get busy during the summer tourist season, but their menu is incredibly varied you will always find something to whet your appetite.  In the evenings Suzanna’s rooftop opens at 7pm until 1am and offers a peaceful place (especially in the summer) to slip away and sip away with a loved one.

suzanna tel aviv apple tart

Dishes at Suzanna, Tel Aviv

  • Falafel appetizer 23NIS
  • Cauliflower appetizer 23NIS
  • Pumpking w Beetroot & Kubbe 44NIS
  • Puff Pastry w Liver, Onions & Pear Sauce 50NIS
  • Shrimp in Olive Oil, Citrus and Garlic 80NIS
  • Apple Tart & Vanilla Ice Cream 36NIS

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suzanna neve tzedek tel aviv

best israeli salad tel aviv

falafel neve tzedek

seafood tel aviv neve tzedek

In case you missed it the first time: Shrimp resting on a lovely bed of tangy citrus butter sauce with garlic.

suzanna tel aviv baked cauliflower

So nice, you get to see it twice. Something about this dish reminds me of home cooked meals.

liver dishes tel aviv

Loaded with Liver for the triathlete in you.This iron-rich wrapped in phyllo goodness has a touch of sweetness to compliment the massive amounts of offal you are about to consume.





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