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Thai House, 8 Bograshov, Tel Aviv

Thai House – Bayt Thailandi/בית תאילנדי – brings about a very authentic Thai dining experience with their top-to-bottom decor, fresh and flavourful dishes, with the use of genuine Thai ingredients; which I am told are grown from their own garden. (If the garden is in Tel Aviv can the ingredients still be called authentic? Let’s not think about it too much.) The reputation Thai House has earned among Israelis is as solid as a golden statue of Buddha.

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Israelis, from all walks of life – but especially those that have traveled to Thailand post army – have a special place in their hearts and stomachs for the Tel Aviv restaurant. Inconspicuously located off corner at Bograshov and Ben Yehuda the restaurant is consistently busy. So much so it is strongly recommended, perhaps even imperative that reservations be made a few days prior.


The portions for the mains at Thai House, Tel Aviv are generous and ideal for sharing. Dishes have several protein options with chicken, shrimp, beef and pork offered, with tofu available for vegetarians. The Green Papaya Salad is a House favourite and an excellent way to start the meal.

Thai Food in Tel Aviv

Whether it is Pad Thai, Pad Kapow or Pad Whatever You Like – the food comes out fast, and hot. We were genuinely surprised by the speed of the service (mind you we were one of the very few dining at 6pm. Read: deseperate to dine at Thai House.) Expect a slower response during busier times.


Thai House is an excellent location for a romantic date, with intimate lighting and authentic modern Thai decor to whisk your minds away, accompanied with well-prepared food that will make you dream of tiger filled jungles, tropical islands, and Mai-Tais on the beach.  Your next East-Asian getaway is only one bite away.


Dishes at Thai House

  • Pad Kapow Beef 74NIS
  • Pad Phuk Kooey 58NIS
  • Pad San Lio 65NIS
  • Papaya Salad 36NIS
  • Warm Coconut Milk w Bananas 26NIS
  • Thai Popsicle 10NIS
  • Glass of Shabli 49NIS
  • Mai Tai Cocktail 42NIS

Total = 367NIS not including tip

Thai House Restaurant Rating

thai house tel aviv 4.5/5

Thai Food in Tel Aviv

Thai House Tel Aviv’s menu is a veritable karaoke catalogue each with their own numerical coding of noodle and rice dishes, chicken, beef, seafood mains and salads. Each dish a subtle different combination of spices, and herbs, protein and added vegetables – many of which are titled with Pad/Pad-Ki/Pad-San and the always hilarious Pad-Phuk. Or the Batman inspired Pad-KAPOW!

Thai House Tel Aviv

Blarg - jewmpaI am dining with my friend Sivan, who is such great company. I had been dying to get back to Thai House for a review, and she was dying to join me because its Thai-House. She was a part of the Israeli contingent of soldiers on one of my Taglit-Birthright Israel trips that I had lead. In her years post Birthright she had become an avid baker and comedic improviser. I had gone to see her at a few improv shows and competitions in Tel Aviv enjoying 100% of what I saw but understanding only about 70% of what was being said. Ah the  magic of theatre and my gross lack of Hebrew. (Chaval-al-ha-zman/חבל על הזמן)

I discovered that she had also began work in a professional but secret bakery in Tel Aviv, which only piqued my curiosity. For example: Why are there secret bakeries? Is her boss Willy Wonka (or Yossi Wonkalstein?) Does she work with Oompa-Loopas or dare I say Jewmpa Loopas? Does she make chocolate bonbon explosives for the Mossad? Tasty yet dangerous. Even after I managed to interview her for our Meet.Talk.TelAviv series, I am still unsure.

She is as mysterious as what is making these Thai dishes so incredibly tasty.

papaya salad thai food

No matter, good company and good Thai food go a long way. Plus if you say Pad-Phuk enough times over dinner you want to be with someone with a sense of humour and a sweet disposition. (See what I did there? – because she is an improviser AND a baker!)

Sivan had been to Thai House before, naturally, and was happy to suggest several dishes. She suggested the Pad San Lio which was a delicious dish of noodles and mushrooms – which in Hebrew is a lot of fun to say because it’s Eetriot v’Peetriot. We got the Pad Kapow Beef with a fried egg on top, which adds even more rich flavour to the entire dish. And the Pad Phuk-Kooey because it sounded hilarious on its own – a lovely mix of stir-fried greens including asparagus and broccoli.


Thailand, Tel Aviv, Israel

And what’s a delicious Thai dinner with out having Thai dessert? You can go hot or cold to end your meal. We did both. The Warm Coconut Milk with Bananas was sweet and rich in aroma and flavour. If this is Thailand’s version of North American’s love for Hot Chocolate on a cold winter night then they are even luckier than we are. We also indulged in a cool coconut flavoured Thai Popsicle with some kind of pod or bean inside for added texture. Neither dessert was very expensive so it was worth splurging. The food was Phantastic and the desserts were Pad-Phreaking-Phenomenal.  (Oh there’s more of that where that came from.)

thaihouse-dessertsz1fx Thai House is a really fun place to go with friends and family for lunch. While the nighttime has an air of romance and mystery in the dark intimately lit restaurant, the day time offers a brightly naturally lit space, hearty dishes made for sharing, with decent service and a location that only a few steps from the beach.

Reservations are probably still a good idea even for lunch. 

While I don’t usually end my reviews like this I will say you’d be Pad-Phukin’ Crazy to miss out on Thai House. (I think I’m eating too much spicy food.)

Go Papaya!


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