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Wineberg, simply put is one of the best wine and tapas bars in Tel Aviv. This cozy spot is located at the corner Ben Yehuda and Natan HaChaCham (Nathan the Wise).  The menu changes seasonally, but has an array of very flavourful tapas dishes such as the bruschetta with chicken liver in salty toffee and herbs, white fish ceviche, and cold dish carpaccio fillet with balsamic and parmesan cheese.  

wineberg restaurant tel aviv

With plenty of seating on the outside or an eclectic array of tables and chairs on the inside, Wineberg combines a cool laid back atmosphere, while still immersing you in the trendy buzz of Tel Aviv.  It’s strongly recommended to have reservations, like most places in Tel Aviv, but keep in mind, any time I have gone with friends, on a date, or with family they friendly staff has always managed to make space for us.

wineberg restaurant bruschetta best top 5 wine bar

If you do decide to head to this spot on a date, sit outside and people watch all night long. For more intimacy, I recommend finding a spot inside.  Ask the friendly staff about their seasonal items, like the Jerusalem Artichoke in the winter, or the roasted nectarines with combozola cheese and walnuts in the summer. Wineberg is easily one of the top 5 wine bars in Tel Aviv that offers an incredible evening out without breaking the bank.


  • Masa White Israeli Journey white wine 39NIS
  • St. Michelle red wine 32NIS
  • Buster's Cider 28NIS
  • Roasted Nectarines w Combozola Cheese & Walnuts 32NIS
  • Carpaccio fillet w Balsamic & Parmesan Cheese 39NIS
  • Bruschetta w Chicken Liver in Salty Toffee & Herbs 22NIS



Elementary…my dear Wineberg

I keep thinking about this scene at Jewish day school where there is that one kid with the bowl-cut hairdo, wearing corduroy pants complete with fanny pack, with a runny nose bolting down the hallway trying his hardest to get away from the cool kids while they taunt him saying “We’re going to get ya Wineberg!” To which he responds, “my allergies!”

Actually I think I just described myself in third grade.  Except I never owned a fanny pack (that’s a lie) and I for sure never wore one at school (possibly another lie) and I don’t actually have any allergies (another lie – do you count lactose intolerance?)

As for the bowl cut and corduroy pants I’m guilty as charged.

I’d like to believe I’m much cooler now than I was in grade three (but not by much).   Which brings me to the cool kid on the block… Wineberg Wine Bar. 

Keep It Even Wineberg

Wineberg sits at the corner of Ben Yehuda and Natan Ha’Haham (Nathan the Wiseman), a nonchalant and relaxed as the tapas/wine bar can be.  With the a couple of high tables and a smattering of round two person tables out front with some four person tables snaking around the side Wineberg offers you an opportunity to relax outdoors in the Tel Aviv night in groups of 2, 4 or even 6 people. Definitely 4 or 6 people.

The inside is equally as eclectic offering a variety of mix and matched tables and chairs and of course a colorful tapas bar to enjoy your evening out.

The place is always busy, since Wineberg offers the right atmosphere for the perfect Tel Aviv night – a great selection of wines, a creative menu of tapas, cold and hot dishes, and sandwiches (probably harkening Wineberg’s days at Jewish day school).

All the Ladies Whisper “Wineberg”

I was happy to have my younger brother Tamir and his wife come to Tel Aviv and stay at a very nice boutique hotel on Ben Yehuda called Artplus Hotel.  They had been all over the country – Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Caesarea, Akko, the Golan Heights — so by the time the got to Tel Aviv that weekend, they were pretty happy to relax and take it easy by the beach and enjoy some good food.

It was a Friday night and figuring out where to dine and what is open is still a challenge.  Thankfully I live very close to Wineberg. I had been there once before, enjoying the tapas and I was very keen on returning.

We did not have reservations, but the hostess was nice enough to bring us in and seat as at the bar while we waited for a table.   The Bar is definitely a great place to sit at a tapas and wine bar since it is where all the action is.  The establishment is filled with small little details that make it cool but not overly hipster and kitschy.

My brother and his wife Stephanie are a bit adventurous when it comes to food, so we all took turns finding a dish we would try (and share).  We got the tapas dish of bruschetta with chicken liver in salty toffee and herbs, and roasted nectarines with combozola cheese and walnuts, and the cold dish carpaccio fillet with balsamic and parmesan cheese.


What we particularly enjoyed about Wineberg was the atmosphere and the food was par excellente.

The menu is some what seasonal as the Jerusalem artichokes I had ordered the first time I was there were no longer available.  This means to get adventurous and try something creative.  The roasted nectarines were well balanced offering a good pairing of sweet fruit with a bold, yet soft cheese.  The carpaccio was nice and cool, but it needed an extra zap of salt to help bring out the flavor.  Maybe a generous (as far as salt goes) helping of grey French sea salt or if you want to get fancy some pink Himalayan salt for color.

Get the chicken liver bruchetta in salty toffee and herbs.  It was the clear favorite amongst the three of us, offering a richly flavored dish – the bruschetta has a wonderfully light crunch with the warm liver smoothly topping it off at each bite.

And His Name Is Wineberg

Perhaps it’s the tapas, or the wine, or being with family…or maybe it was just that I get a kick out of going to a Jewish wine bar called Wineberg.  The owner Avi is really friendly, and makes you realize that the coolest place on Ben Yehuda is always welcoming – even if you have corduroy pants and a fanny pack.  But thankfully I do not…anymore.

Which reminds me I need to get a haircut.

A special thanks to my brother Tamir, a great photographer, for the wonderful photos.  Thanks for your expertise, patience and teaching me a few things. You can visit his Flickr account with more Israel photos here:  Tamir’s Flickr.

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  1. posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2013

    Thanks for writing the review, Alex. We had fun hanging out at the ‘cool’ table with you And that chicken liver dish was seriously fantastic, and this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t like offal.


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