Guide to Tel Aviv Burgers

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best burger tel aviv

Hamburgers in Tel Aviv

Not sure which burger restaurant in Tel Aviv you should check out and when?

Eat.Drink.TelAviv is providing you with a comprehensive suggestion list on where to go, with whom and why. While not to be taken too seriously (after all it’s just hamburgers) we hope it can nudge you to make a quicker decision on where to eat.

tel aviv best burgers

Burgers Tel Aviv

If you consider yourself a “foodie” and like to be on top of what foodies do: Vitrina, Gourmet 23

Orthodox Jewish American Tourists craving a taste of the forbidden fruit, or a group of really drunk “Ar’siim” from Be’er Sheva, or as a completely last resort because you have no self-respect: McDonald’s

Out with a group of friends, enjoy a couple of options to choose from, but also don’t mind being treating or served with utter disdain: Wolfnights

Kosher? What is kosher?: Gourmet 23, Agadir, Wolfnights

top 5 burgers tel aviv

Visiting Tel Aviv

On the Atkins diet, dine strictly gourmet, you read the business section of the Wall Street Journal, and enjoy a nice Chianti: Coffee Bar

Blarg - holding a fork with a sausage copyYou are with your extended family that include children and on a strict budget, or with a group larger than 5 that may not want burgers at all: King George

It’s you and a friend, you haven’t seen each other in a while, tourists or locals, no frills, great taste: Delicious Deli Bar

A couple of friends, about 3, maybe 4 max, out for the night, you like busy, you like hip, you don’t mind eating while walking: Vitrina

top tel aviv burger restaurants

Tel Aviv Restaurants

Vegetarian or vegan, or you are on a date with someone that is a vegetarian/vegan and you want to show your gentle side: Buddha Burger

You are on Bograshov Street and for some reason craving burgers and ignoring the many other obviously better options: Shusha Burger

For some reason you have no decernable taste: McDonald’s

Group of friends, or a double date, enjoy comfort, cool and taste: Agadir

best burger tel aviv

Hamburgers in Tel Aviv

You want great meat options for your guests or a hot date, and you want to impress him/her, and aren’t too concerned about the burger itself, just so long as you look good where you are at: The Hudson 

nomnom - clever fork copyOptions, you want options, and by options you mean toppings on a burger like egg, and eggplant, and plants, and possibly another egg: Agadir

You want to have sex with a vegetarian: Buddha Burger

Need a place to wind down after the zombie apocolypse experience that is shopping at the Dizengoff Mall: Bar Giyora

best burger tel aviv

The Best Burger

You are craving a burger and you see a Moses right in front of you: Moses

You love celebrity gossip, you Instagram, you take Iggy Azalea’s words of “I’m so fancy” to heart, you got money, and enjoy staff that are too cool to be there but will take your money: North Abraxes

Your parents were hard on you, demanding you succeed in life, you weren’t hugged enough as a child, thus you are used to feeling dismissed: Wolfnights

You don’t give a crap and your bank account backs that up, you enjoy a nice view, you walk into an expensive seafood restaurant let the waiter tell you all the wonderful seafood specials — and you order a burger anyway: Seatara

best hamburger tel aviv israel

Restaurants in Tel Aviv

You like good food, but want it fast, you keep kosher, and like every sane human being you enjoy magic: Magic Burger (no actual magic is performed, but you support the idea.)

Beer is on the mind, a small group of friends (up to 6), drinking, eating, and talking are on the menu, you like good energy, and if you are on a date need somewhere nice to walk around as a bonus: CarneBirra in Little Italy

Support small businesses, dig a nice laid-back atmosphere with 1980’s wood panelling, friendly and appreciate natural flavors, you love Fanta: Benz in Florentine

You have Americans visiting, you feel obliged to take them someplace “American” so they feel comfortable, also a sport game is on television and that game doesn’t start with “fut” or end in “bol”: Mike’s Place

best burger in tel aviv

Beef, Lamb, Veal

The wife is busy and she asks you to go buy organic parsley and locally sourced sweet potatoes from the Market, she’s making your (read: her) favorite Vegan quinoa dish with arugula. You don’t even know what arugula is: Delicious Deli Bar at the Tel Aviv Port

You have children and a wife whom you love and want to take them to someplace with a nice atmosphere, you like American style restaurants: Burgus Burger Bar (BBB)

Gary - holding a spoon copyYou don’t want to waste your time with hamburgers but love great food in the form of meat and bread: Miznon

You were dumped by a vegetarian: CarneBirra, Delicious Deli Bar

best burger benz fries

Best Burger in Tel Aviv

A sucker for 1+1 deals, students on a budget out late at night: The Diner, Moses

You want it fast, furious, delicious but not too darn expensive: Ad Haetzem Express

You have style, taste, in-the-know on Tel Aviv restaurants, with a group or on a date, enjoy the finer things in life without bragging about it: Brasserie

You want to feel like you are in a Mall Food Court but not actually be in a mall: Ad Haetzem Express, Magic Burger

the best burgers in tel aviv

Meat, Cheese, Bacon, Tomato

You have that friend, that you know loves food but just doesn’t know what to get, but you want a burger: Brasserie, Meat Bar if that friend loves steak/meat (also Agadir, and as a last resort King George if you are students.)

Best street to be on for a delicious hamburger: Ibn Gvirol

It is 3am and you want a burger: Brasserie

A Black American Express card is in your wallet, Kayne’s left a message on your iPhone 7(beta), you don’t care, you are out with your special friend, you are going to get laid no matter what so you order a hamburger because that’s what you want: Ha’Salon

best hamburger in tel aviv

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