Top 5 Burgers in Tel Aviv

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Top 5 best burgers in Tel Aviv

Top 5 Best Burgers in Tel Aviv

EatDrinkTel Aviv is happy to note that we published a great article on the Culture Trip website for the best burger spots in Tel Aviv every tourist should know about. What we affectionately called the “Royal Flush” of Burger joints these places in Tel Aviv will surely satisfy whatever type of burger cravings you have.

The joke is often said that if you have three Jews in a room you will get four opinions. Combining that with the fact that Israelis see arguing as a form of positive social discourse we believe having the right amount of knowledge and insight will help you sway your friends and foodie-foes in the right direction. Remember that knowing is half the battle.

Click HERE for the Culture Trip’s article on the Top 5 Feast-Worthy Burger Joints in Tel Aviv and let us know what you think!

We at EatDrinkTelAviv believe each of these 5 burger spots will serve any tourists well. In fact the Royal Flush was given because we feel the burger restaurants themselves are of supreme quality and at the top of their league.

imgresThe Burger joints are:

The Ace of Spades – Vitrina, top quality, gourmet burger counter.

The King of Hearts – Delicious Deli Bar, nostalgic burger counter, reminiscent of the ol’ American diners.

The Queen of Diamonds – Brasserie, the crown jewel of Tel Aviv, the R2M restaurant is highly regarded all around by locals everywhere.

The Jack of Clubs – Agadir, a chain restaurant with three locations in Tel Aviv in the best tourists-centric areas.

The 10 of Spades – Buddha Burger, a vegan restaurant to serve the growing demand that is blossoming especially well in Israel.

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